PUBLISHED: 13:28 15 August 2012 | UPDATED: 21:44 20 February 2013



Parents can assess the development of pre-school children at home using a book set by Burnham author Kay Woods

Parents can now assess the development of their pre-school children themselves at home using a new book set by Burnham author Kay Woods. Start Learning 1 and 2, published by Tarquin, uses 45 educational art projects with learning notes to put the power back in parents hands to assess and improve their childs development themselves. This book set is for every parent who has ever wanted a straight answer to the question: at what age should my child be able to do sums, name colours, share with other children, speak in sentences, or write his name, etc?

Childminders, nurseries and reception teachers all have to make assessments of the children in this age group as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements. From September 2012, this assessment requirement will increase further with the introduction of a written progress report on a childs development at age two.

Many parents of two to five year old children would like access to this information about their own childs development. Some have specific concerns that their child is behind in certain areas. Others are simply curious to see how their child is performing against what is considered to be normal development.

The main criticism received about these books is that they give over-stressed parents more to worry about. But this simply isnt the case. Parents worry all the time when they see their friends children doing things their own child cant do, and much of the time they are worrying for no reason. This book set provides child development facts for parents, because information is reassuring. And also this book is designed to be fun giving parents and children quality art projects they will be proud to display on the fridge!

Kay Woods, author of the Start Learning Books says: These books are designed to give parents access to the same information that childcare professionals use. As a parent of a three year old and a five year old myself, I am the sort of parent who likes to know how my child is really doing. If I found out that my child was behind in her speech or writing development, then I would like to be aware of this, so that I can get her the extra help she needs.

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