Wokingham pupils give us insight into their life and lessons

PUBLISHED: 12:43 14 April 2016 | UPDATED: 12:43 14 April 2016




Five pupils from Holme Grange School in Wokingham give us an insight into their life and lessons

Holme Grange School, Heathlands Road, Wokingham, RG40 3AL | 0118 978 1566 | school@holmegrange.org | www.holmegrange.org

• Students: Year 2

• Millicent Macleod | Beau Plumpton | Richard Deeks | Edgar Hughes | Harriette Fallon

• Age: Children Aged 6 -7 years old

Q: Tell us three things that make your school a great place to learn…

• HG is a great place to learn because teachers do not waste your time. I’ve learned to listen to others so I know exactly what to do to improve my learning and achievement. We are encouraged to be kind, thoughtful and work as hard as we can. Our learning habits also help us to be our best selves. Richard

• The Holme Grange Way helps us to become better learners and reminds us to treat other people as we would expect to be treated. Everyone in the school is kind and caring and we look after each other. Mrs Robinson is a great Headteacher too as she knows us all and is always helpful. I love it here at Holme Grange School. Beau

• HG is a great place to learn because the teachers make learning fun, enjoyable and worthwhile. I like the school because everyone encourages you to do great lessons and to overcome obstacles. Millicent

Q: How do the teachers help to make your time at school enjoyable?

• Without the teachers we would be shy and hidden away in the shadows. Aim for the moon, if you miss you may land on a star! Millicent

• The teachers don’t have favourites, they like us all. We are encouraged to share our ideas and find out ways to become our best selves. Edgar

• The teachers are kind and caring and make lessons enjoyable and fun. They make the classrooms beautiful and the displays are full of information. Harriette

Q: In what way have you changed as a person during your time there?

• I’ve learned that nothing is impossible. The word itself makes ‘I’m Possible’! Millicent

• I have been in HG since September and I have made some lovely friends. I have gained confidence in my reading and writing and have learned to always try my hardest and not give up if it becomes challenging. Beau

• Since I have been at HG I have become stronger and much more confident. I do not get upset when things do not go how I planned as I can learn from my mistakes. Edgar

Q: Tell us about ‘the best day ever’ at your school…

• Every day is a happy day at HG. Richard

• I don’t have a best day because they have all been awesome. Millicent

• I love every day at HG and I know there are many more exciting times to come. I’ll work hard and play fair! Edgar

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