3 simple summer cocktail recipes from Five Valleys Cordials

PUBLISHED: 09:58 01 August 2016 | UPDATED: 10:31 01 August 2016


Impress your summer party guests or create exotic summer coolers with these fruity fusion cocktail recipes from Five Valleys Cordials. Full of natural fruit flavours, these well-travelled cordials reinvoke your summer holidays, in a glass! Available in three unique flavours; exotic Pomegranate & Rose, zesty Lemon & Mint and sun-drenched Peach & Lychee.

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Lemon & Mint Classic MojitoLemon & Mint Classic Mojito

Lemon & Mint Classic Mojito - The classic Mojito, made simple. Full of zing, freshness and so satisfying. Made with Five Valleys Lemon & Mint Cordial.


• Glass: High Tumbler or Kilner glass

• 25ml Five Valleys Lemon & Mint Cordial

• 25ml White Rum

• Soda water

• Ice

• Fresh mint leaves


• Select your glass & add your measure of Lemon & Mint Cordial, white rum and top with chilled soda water & ice (crushed or cubes it’s up to you)

• Decorate with a few sprigs of mint on the top or muddle the mint down further into the glass

Turkish DelightTurkish Delight

Turkish Delight - A middle eastern inspired, fragrant cocktail. Pleasing to the eye! Made with Five Valleys Pomegranate & Rose Cordial.


• Glass: High Tumbler or Kilner Glass

• 25ml Five Valleys Pomegranate & Rose Cordial

• 25ml Vodka

• Large squeeze of lime

• Lemonade or tonic water

• Ice

• Pomegranate seeds to decorate


• In a cocktail shaker, shake the Pomegranate & Rose Cordial, vodka, large squeeze of lime with a few cubes of ice. Keep shaking until lovely & cold

• Strain into your desired glass, top up with lemonade or tonic water & ice

• Decorate with pomegranate seeds to impress your guests

Tropical PromiseTropical Promise

Tropical Promise - A fruity, zingy and punchy tropical cocktail. Simple to make. Made with Five Valleys Peach & Lychee Cordial.


• Glass: Highball

• 50ml Five Valleys Peach & Lychee Cordial

• 25ml Dark Rum

• Jamaican Ginger Beer

• Ice


• Pour the Peach & Lychee Cordial and dark rum over ice into your highball glass, then top up with Jamaican Ginger Beer

• Decorate with peach or lychee for that extra special look

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