Get involved in Sourdough September

PUBLISHED: 12:30 07 September 2020 | UPDATED: 15:40 18 September 2020

Get baking this September

Photo: The Honesty Group

Get baking this September Photo: The Honesty Group


Expert tips from the bakers at Birch Bread Bakery and Honesty Group

“For Sourdough September, we will be giving away free pots of starter, and free recipe and instruction sheets, and we will sell specials of sourdough every week, like parmesan and black pepper sourdough, carrot and carraway sourdough and more, along with all our usual sourdoughs,” says Lucie Steel, Founder of Birch Bread in Pangbourne.

In its 8th year, the Real Bread Campaign’s annual, international celebration of the oldest way of leavening a loaf will help more people to discover that a sourdough starter is the gateway to every type of bread on the planet.

This year has seen #LockdownLoafers around the world taking to baking Real Bread and sourdough bread in particular. Many Real Bread bakeries have also reported experiencing increased demand for their sourdough bread.

Sourdough September builds on this passion, challenging some people’s (mis)perceptions of what sourdough bread is and isn’t, and encouraging everyone to buy and bake a wider range of sourdough.

At its simplest, genuine sourdough bread is made from as few as three ingredients: flour, water and salt. Getting involved in Sourdough September is equally simple – just buy genuine sourdough from a Real Bread bakery, or make your own.

Businesses and organisations are encouraged to run classes and other activities, and everyone around the world is invited to take and share their #SourdoughSelfie and other #SourdoughSeptember photos with the Campaign.

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Romilla Arber, Founder of The Honesty Group, who are running a Beautiful Breads course at their cookery school in Berkshire on 15 September, along with a Sourdough class on 2 October, says: “Sourdough bread matters because it perfectly encapsulates the principle that the production of some foods can’t be rushed or industrialised for profit.

“The only way supermarkets and mass producers can offer sourdough to consumers is by producing something that purports to be sourdough but is not. To produce a sourdough loaf you need time, attention and skill. There is little room for these three factors in the mass production of food, where price and profit are the main considerations.

“Sourdough bread is made with a dough fermented through naturally occurring yeasts and lactobacilli. It uses no industrially manufactured yeast of any kind. There is a general consensus that naturally fermented products are good for the human gut.”

The Campaign continues to lobby for a legal definition as part of an Honest Crust Act to help protect people from being misled, plus it helps to protect bakers who craft the real thing from any unfair competition by companies using the word to name and market products manufactured using additives and baker’s yeast.

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