Can hypnosis help change your diet?

PUBLISHED: 00:00 17 April 2020

There are so many nutritious foods you can enjoy (c)  marilyna/Getty Images/iStockphoto

There are so many nutritious foods you can enjoy (c) marilyna/Getty Images/iStockphoto


Sarah Rodi attended behavioural change specialist Meera Mehat’s Change Your Mindset and Reduce Your Weight course in Maidenhead. Here, Sarah shares her experience...

Meera teaches us how to stop eating when were full (c) Prem BillingMeera teaches us how to stop eating when were full (c) Prem Billing

Have you ever been on 
a diet only to find that when you stop and eat ‘normally’ again that you’ve returned to your pre-diet weight? I have. Numerous times. So when I met behavioural change specialist Meera Mehat and heard about her Change Your Mindset and Reduce Your Weight course, I was intrigued and decided to try it.

Meera works from her home office in Maidenhead. “My husband and I used to live in Nottingham city centre when 
our three sons were little, but we moved to Maidenhead so that the boys could go to excellent schools in a great area,” she says. “It was a good decision. Moving here allowed the boys more freedom and to make strong friendships, plus enabled us to become part of a lovely community and enjoy the wonderful countryside, while still being able to access all the fun of London. The balance between urban and country living is fab.”

Looking at her slim physique, it’s hard to believe Meera was once a size 18. “I used to binge 
on ice cream every night,” she admits. “But I learnt that the relationship between the mind and body is what allows you to control your eating and your exercise, so I changed the way
I thought about food and it helped me to lose weight successfully. And now I want to share my learnings with others.”

Meera, a Harley Street Consultant, has designed a four-week programme to help 
you gain a winning mindset, and now I have completed her course, I can speak from experience.

During the first session, the eight of us on the course gathered in Meera’s garden studio on a Monday evening and discovered how our thoughts, feelings 
and behaviour lead us to form unwanted habits. Plus, we talked about the effect of language on our behaviour – for example, lose being a negative word and so subconsciously, we try to hold 
on to something, like our weight – and the power of visualisation. Interestingly, we found out there are different kinds of eaters and 
it turns out I’m an emotional one. I reach for the chocolate when I feel stressed, tired or upset.

We also learnt to determine when we are hungry so that we don’t just eat according to our normal schedules, and Meera gave us all a little hunger zip with the markers ‘full’, ‘satisfied’ and ‘hungry’ on it to place in the kitchen, which we needed to use whenever we went to eat over 
the following week. “If you eat when you’re not hungry, you’re consuming calories you don’t need,” said Meera.

“If I went to eat when I wasn’t hungry, I realised it was because 
I was trying to fulfil an emotional need. So I have now started going for a walk or putting on some music instead of reaching for 
the snacks.”

In session two, Meera told us 
“I can have!” is the new saying. 
“If you say I can’t have something, all your mind does is focus on remembering that one thing you can’t have and you cannot stop thinking about it,” she explained.

We realised the importance of thinking positively about the healthy food choices we make, otherwise we’ll crave something naughty and end up eating it.

Meera taught us a great tapping technique to help stop our cravings. I now do this when 
I’m craving chocolate at 10pm!

She also got us to set fire to 
a plate of crisps and we were horrified when fat began to drip out of them. Seeing that has put me off them for life!

The next sessions were all about learning to enjoy the taste, texture and flavour of each mouthful. “This slows down your rate of eating and allows your stomach to send you that full feeling without overeating,” said Meera. “As we rush to eat, we often don’t give our stomachs the time to let us know that it is full, so we consume far more than we need. TV also acts as a distraction when eating, therefore you may end up eating much more than you otherwise would.”

Towards the end of each of these coaching sessions, Meera used hypnotherapy techniques to help kickstart our new habits. She dimmed the lights, handed round the blankets and we all relaxed.

I’ve always been a little dubious about being hypnotised, but I felt I was in a safe space and it was relaxing. I wasn’t sure if I was ‘under’ or asleep, but I always woke feeling rejuvenated and determined to make proress with my healthy eating habits that week.

Two weeks after the course has finished, I have lost 4Ib.

“By changing their mindset around food, the people on my past courses lost between 3 to 7lb in just two weeks and kept it off,” says Meera. “They didn’t calorie count or follow a set diet plan, they simply tweaked things in their life and didn’t worry about what they were eating.”

I enjoyed the course – meeting new people and learning techniques. And Meera has given me a fresh mindset to make positive changes.

Due to the current coronavirus situation, courses are on hold for the time being. Keep up date with the lastest annnouncements on the website.

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