Crêpe recipe from The Bull Inn in Bisham

PUBLISHED: 11:36 28 March 2014 | UPDATED: 11:36 28 March 2014


Andres Lopez and his family, wife Carmen and son Miguel, have been preparing them for guests at The Bull Inn for over 20 years and this majestic dessert continues to be as popular as ever.

They cook and flambé the crepes in the dining room, where guests are overwhelmed with its wonderful aromas and melody of flavours.

This dish was initially created by mistake in 1895 by the 14-year-old assistant waiter, Henri Charpentier, who was cooking for the Prince of Wales at Monte Carlo’s Café de Paris. Eager to impress, the young waiter accidently set alight the contents of the pan. With no time to start again, Henri decided to serve it to the Prince, who loved it. Henri named the Crêpe dish Suzette in honour of the beautiful lady who accompanied the prince that evening, and the rest is history.


The Lopez recipe - Serves 4


You will need:

120g plain flour

Pinch of salt

eggs, beaten

1 tbsp melted butter

300ml milk


For the sauce:

Juice from one large orange

Juice from half of a lemon

125g of caster sugar

20ml brandy

50ml Grand Marnier


What to do:

-Sift flour and salt into a mixing bowl, creating a well in the middle with your hands. Place milk and beaten eggs inside well and whisk all together until the batter is a smooth cream consistency.

-On a medium heat, heat a non-stick pan (preferably a crêpe pan) with a knob of butter, making sure the pan is evenly coated. Wait until the pan is very hot then add a ladle of the batter whilst tipping and swirling it so that the base is coated with a thin layer.

-Watch carefully as it should only take 10-20 seconds to cook. After 15 seconds use a palette knife to lift one side of the crêpe to check if it is golden and brown, if so, flip it over to cook the other side. Be mindful that the other side will take even less time to cook.

-When ready the crêpe will rise at the edges, slide it onto a warm plate and fold into quarters. Repeat process until you are out of batter.

-Put the sugar into a heavy based pan on medium heat. Stir to ensure it dissolves evenly. Once a golden caramel syrup has formed, carefully add orange and lemon juice. Swirl pan around and then add the folded crêpes. Allow crêpes to infuse in the sauce for a minute before adding the brandy.

-Then, slightly tipping the pan, add Grand Marnier which will flambé the alcohol. After a minute remove crépes from the sauce and place on a warm plate. Let sauce simmer for a minute before removing from the heat and spooning over the crépes. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

Note: For that extra effect fill a hot ladle with a touch of Grand Marnier, set it alight over a flame and then pour it over the finished dish.

Or try the perfect crepes at The Bull Inn., tel 01628 898424


Bill’s open in Windsor

We can’t wait to try the treats in Bill’s Restaurant, the only problem will be deciding when to go because this is a place that slips seamlessly from morning (great coffee and perhaps porridge) through lunch and afternoon tea time to candelit dining at night.

Perhaps we’ll just have to stay all day! That will not be difficult because Bill’s is part of Windsor Royal Shopping, with 118 covers inside and 34 outside, right next to the station.

Founder Bill Collison is known for heading to auctions and antique fairs to hunt down pieces which fit with the Bill’s ambience. So you will find club chairs and chandeliers to go with excellent big pots of tea and bacon sandwiches, or more substantial lunch or dinner.

Bill says: “I hope it will quickly become a favourite for locals and visitors, and we’re looking forward to the Queen dropping by for afternoon tea when she’s in town!”

A more formal invitation might be necessary, but as we know this magazine is read inside the Castle… you never know!

Bills: open Monday to Saturday 8am-11pm, Sunday 9am to 10.30pm. Windsor Royal Station, tel 01753 864586, see

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