Carlos Martinez - Chef Profile

PUBLISHED: 00:16 02 February 2011 | UPDATED: 20:36 20 February 2013

Carlos Martinez - Chef Profile

Carlos Martinez - Chef Profile

Carlos Martinez brings a hint of the Mediterranean to an English country house in his role as chef at Waldo's and the Terrace Restaurant at Cliveden House Hotel, Taplow...

Which dish on your current menu do you most enjoy preparing and why?
Every dish really but I do love foie gras as there is a very specialist technique in preparing the liver to ensure it is perfectly smooth. At the moment, we have a confit foie gras and fig terrine on the menu; the figs give a sweetness that works perfectly with the foie gras.

Describe your menu.
French and classic, with a Mediterranean twist.

Which chefs do you most admire?
Alain Ducasse, John Wood and Phillip Rochat.

How would you describe your approach to food?
I take inspiration from my training in France, my Spanish background and the numerous world-class chefs I have worked alongside in eighteen Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Europe. My style of cooking is classic French fine dining with unique, clean flavours using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

What is your favourite ingredient?

Tempt us with a quick snack we can make at home.
Organic rice cakes with pickle smoked ham and tomatoes or with marmite and manchego cheese.

What do you like most about your restaurant?
The super location and the select guests who come in.

Who did you train under and what did they teach you that youll never forget?
I trained only under Michelin star chefs. In Spain it was Arzak who taught me to respect the produce and to constantly reasearch. In France it was Claude Marco, who taught me discipline and to remember your roots, and in Switzerland Pierre Andre Ayer, who taught me to push myself every day and to keep it simple.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in a career in cooking?
Be strong and have perseverance; practice again and again; do not give up.

Give us a top kitchen or cooking tip:
Keep a black truffle in a jar with Arborio rice and organic eggs and after a few days you can enjoy the egg in an omelette, and the rice in a risotto; both of them with a strong flavour of the black truffle.

Waldos and the
Terrace Restaurant,
Cliveden House Hotel,
Taplow, SL6 0JF.
Tel: 01628 668561

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