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PUBLISHED: 00:28 10 September 2007 | UPDATED: 14:51 20 February 2013



Chef Laurent Guyon lends his continental skill to fresh Berkshire produce to create dining delights at The Regency Park Hotel, Thatcham

Name: Laurent Guyon
Restaurant: Watermark
Address: Regency Park Hotel, Bowling Green Road, Thatcham, Berks. RG18 3RP
Tel: 01635 871555

Describe your menu in four words:

Contemporary, fresh, seasonal, French - like me!

How would you describe your approach to food?

I can safely say that my success as a chef is primarily down to the way I approach food. I try and understand each product that I use - the flavours, the texture, what other foods it will complement and what it won't. I trial new foods with different recipes until I am happy that I understand them and have come up with some unique and new dishes. Also, I like to think that I respect food - every type of food needs love and care and this approach ensures that I cook with passion.

What local product do you value most?

Living and working in Berkshire, game is the product that I value most. You can be really creative when cooking it, using different flavours and textures to complement it. There are some fantastic game dishes available on our menu - come and try them for yourself.

How often do you change the menu?

To ensure that the menu is kept fresh and seasonal, I change it every two weeks. Obviously, there are certain dishes that stay on the menu due to their popularity and these dishes are what our guests want, for example, Rump of Lamb served with stuffed tomatoes and rosemary and red wine sauce.

Which is your favourite cuisine?

As I'm French I would have to say French cuisine, however I also enjoy good old English food because of the influences from the different cultures within this country.

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