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PUBLISHED: 18:05 17 September 2008 | UPDATED: 15:26 20 February 2013



Imad, the new Head Chef at Burnham's Grovefield House Hotel, is a man who relishes fresh flavours, fish and fowl...

What is your earliest memory of a taste or a meal?

I grew up in the Lebanon on my mother's Lebanese country cooking: lots of meat and local, seasonal vegetables. It's those fresh, natural flavours that still inspire me today. My favourite ingredients are always those that are in season at the time: pulses in the winter; peas, runner beans and fruits in the summer.

Where have you cooked before?

The Bear Hotel at Woodstock, The Castle Hotel in Windsor, the Michelin-starred Gravetye Manor and Le Meridien in London.

Which dish on your current menu do you most enjoy preparing and why?

I've just introduced a brand new menu at the Grovefield so I'm having fun with all the dishes at the moment. This week's favourite has got to be the 'Duck Three Ways'. This dish brings together slow honey roasted duck breast, a mille feuille of duck leg and a wonton of marinated foie gras with a delicious oriental taste.

How would you describe your approach to food?

Traditional and simple, with modern twists.

Do you cook off-menu and what do you tend to be asked to cook?

I'll happily cook off menu. I love starting with a wonderful seasonal product and building the flavours around it to suit my imagination and my customer's mood. I haven't been asked to in the restaurant yet (hopefully that reflects well on the range of our menu?!) but, given that we're a hotel, I get a lot of room service requests for comfort food where people want simple things.

Tempt us with a quick snack we can make at home.

Toasted sandwich with haloumi cheese, tomato and mint.

Desert island foods - if you were stranded on a desert island which three foods would you want to take with you?

I'd rather not take anything with me. I'd like to try and create some exciting dishes out of what the island has to offer. I spent a wonderful five years living and working in Greece - a bit like being on a desert island only without being stranded! Whilst I was there I learnt how to prepare and cook fish, which remains one of my real passions. Hopefully the island you send me to would have lots of fish on offer. Maybe some bananas too, I love bananas. The one thing I'd really miss, if the island didn't have it on offer, would be game... so perhaps I would take three different game birds.

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