The latest from Buckinghamshire yoghurt producer Yokel

PUBLISHED: 11:24 23 June 2016 | UPDATED: 11:24 23 June 2016

New flavours include raspberry and black cherry

New flavours include raspberry and black cherry


A taste of Aylesbury Vale is the natural choice as juicy new flavours join Tom’s growing range

There are times when some of us are more than happy to be called a ‘yokel’ and in Aylesbury Vale it’s a badge worn with deserved pride by Tom Ley, who comes from a dairy farming family.

For Tom is the founder of Yokel, a range of farmhouse style high fruit yoghurts made in Buckinghamshire with no added sugar. He says: “We use grapes to lend a gentle sweetness to our fruit, while hand blending this with our deep and tangy British cows’ milk yoghurt to give a rasp and sharp taste experience. With a tiny list of only four ingredients on the side of our pots, you’ll never find any flavourings, colourings or sugar on that list.”

Tom started out with a plan to ‘add value’ to British milk and admits it became something of an obsession which began with experimenting with main-stream yoghurts currently on the market. He then hit the development kitchen to create a yoghurt which tastes as though you’ve simply added fruit to it. “With a lot of trial and error, a unique recipe (and top secret manufacturing process!) was born, to make our ‘real uncomplicated yoghurts’. And, as for the name, I wanted something which relates to farming, something simple and ended up with Yokel, which is an anagram of ‘OK Ley’, my surname.”

Last year was a busy one growing the business after start-up in 2014 and included a visit to 10 Downing Street to showcase products made not that far from Chequers. It saw Tom having to drive his van through two security road blocks and have a ceramic cow he took with him x-rayed!

The latest development is a new line up of yoghurts, all with more fruit, a sharper taste and two new flavours - Raspberry and Black Cherry. The number of stockists has doubled in a year to around 150, so you’ll find brightly-coloured pots of Yokel in many Buckinghamshire stores, and now quite a few across Berkshire and beyond as well. See for your nearest one. As well as independent grocers and farm shops, it’s been taken up by Mid-Counties Co-Operative. 

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