Pan-fried fillet of sea bass with potato puree, samphire, clams and teign mussels nage - gluten free recipe

PUBLISHED: 10:49 13 February 2015 | UPDATED: 14:58 23 March 2015

Photo by Tim Winter

Photo by Tim Winter

Tim Winter

We’re delighted to share with readers this recipe kindly provided by Chris Wheeler, head chef at Humphry’s, Stoke Park

Ingredients - Serves four

• 4 x 5 oz fillet of wild sea bass

• 400g fresh samphire

• 200g Pomme Puree (mash potatoes)

• 100g of clams

• 100g of mussels

• 40g of finely chopped shallot

• 10g finely chopped chives

• Salt & pepper

• 200ml fresh fish stock

• 2000ml white wine

• 100ml double cream

• 4 x baby carrots

• 2 x baby fennel

• 1 x plum tomato (cut into concasse, small dice)




• Sweat the finely diced shallot in a saucepan, add the clams and mussels and cover with a lid for 1 minute.

• Add the white wine and cover again for 2 minutes or until all the clams and Mussels and open.

• Carefully remove the clams and mussels from their shells.



• Wash and finely slice the baby carrots and fennel

• Place the fish stock into a pan

• Add the baby vegetables and seasoning; simmer for 5 minutes

• Add the clams and mussels and warm through.

• Add the tomato concasse and chopped chives



Season the sea bass fillets and pan-fry in a non stick pan for approximately 3 minutes each side - add the samphire and cook for another 1 minute


To Serve

• Place a portion of Pomme Purée in the middle of each plate

• Place the samphire on top

• Place the sea bass on top skin side up

• Spoon the Nage/sauce around



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