Foggs in Windsor: Restaurant review

PUBLISHED: 10:22 03 August 2018 | UPDATED: 10:22 03 August 2018

Hard to resist Scotch eggs at Foggs (Photo: Maureen McLean)

Hard to resist Scotch eggs at Foggs (Photo: Maureen McLean)

Maureen McLean

Foggs has something tasty for people of all ages and a perfect spot for the littler ones to enjoy a taste of foodie treats

While visiting Foggs, the latest restaurant providing shoppers at W J Daniel & Co in Windsor with tasty treats – who should we find busy there than Edward Durkin, a descendant of the founder, who would no doubt be pleased that the store was still serving generations of families which have grown up eating in their restaurants over the last 100 years. Foggs is very much a celebration of Friends & Family Food, managed by the same team that created the award-winning Heidi bakery downstairs, offering a fresh and convenient menu that people of all ages, tastes and diets can enjoy together. Inspired by Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg himself, the restaurant was completed over 80 days.

Edward tells us: “It’s a very family-friendly environment and people will find it colourful and fun – there’s a real spirit of adventure on show. All of the food can be seen on the counter – so it’s a ‘shopping with your eyes’ experience which those calling in during our first three weeks since opening have definitely enjoyed.”

This is certainly a spot for all ages and the Little Foggs Menu has some delicious choices for younger ones. For ourselves the savoury treats were a particular lure, especially the Bombay Scotch Eggs… just leave some room for the cakes!

There’s a real British plus Deli feel and the ‘Full English’ with ‘homemade’ hash browns and very fluffy scrambled egg will be a favourite for many.

Of course Foggs is right next to the biggest toy department outside London so the littler guests can make the most of their own corner complete with bean bags and Disney favourites shown on a screen.

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