Profile: Dr Choc’s Windsor Chocolate Factory & Café, Windsor

PUBLISHED: 13:39 18 February 2020 | UPDATED: 13:40 18 February 2020

Dr Choc's Windsor Chocolate Factory and Cafe is a must-visit destination

Dr Choc's Windsor Chocolate Factory and Cafe is a must-visit destination


Dr Ramnik Mathur is a doctor and so is his business partner, Dr Priya Kumar. He lives with his wife, Dr Ritika Mathur, who is also a GP, in Twickenham with their two children and they run Dr Choc’s Windsor Chocolate Factory & Café.

Dr Priya Kumar and Dr Ramnik MathurDr Priya Kumar and Dr Ramnik Mathur

"When we were on holiday in Spain, we came across a leaflet in a hotel promoting children's chocolate-making classes, Mayan Monkey in Mijas. I had always had a passion for chocolate - I'm fascinated about the origins of it. Chocolate was initially only available to royalty or used medicinally. As medical doctors who specialise in children, we were aware that chocolate has medicinal effects - being an antioxidant, cardio-protective and it has neuroprotective properties as well as being a luxurious food to enjoy. And seeing the kids' faces, full of delight, during the workshop, it planted a seed," says Dr Ramnik. "By the time we returned home, we had fallen in love with the idea of using ethically sourced ingredients for producing delicious artisanal chocolate and enabling other children and adults to enjoy that experience."

Dr Ramnik trained in the art of chocolate making, and then they found a shop in Windsor. "We love Windsor - it is the most famous town in the UK, has Royal connections and, of course, the beautiful castle. It's such a great place to be as there is lots going on. We decided to open our shop here as it's bustling with tourists," he says. "We opened in April last year, at Easter - a great time for people buying chocolate. Halloween and Christmas have also proved to be busy times. And summer was good. We sold high-quality gelato last year, and are hoping to produce our own this year."

The shop also hosts chocolate-making workshop partiesThe shop also hosts chocolate-making workshop parties

I don't know about you, but I love the concept of making my own chocolate, and Dr Choc's host chocolate-making workshop parties for birthdays, office dos, hen dos and school trips. "Now you can become a chocolatier in 15 minutes!" says Dr Ramnik. "Our staff design products according to the occasion and make special shapes. Our chocolate is palm oil free and organic. Everyone says it's the best quality chocolate they've ever eaten. We use non-alkalized, natural cacao powder and our fine flavour cacao beans are ethically sourced from sustainable cacao farms and communities in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Venezuela and Congo. All our chocolate has a high-cacao content and low-sugar content. Our cacao butter is natural and unrefined."

Dr Choc's is also a lovely café with numerous styles of coffees and teas available. "Our hot chocolate is the best in town as it's made with our own organic chocolate couvertures," says Dr Ramnik. "We also have a selection of cakes and cookies and serve afternoon tea for two.

"We are hoping to expand and open another shop and café this year - either in the UK or abroad.

"According to ancient Mayan texts, cocoa is of divine origin and is considered a gift from the gods. For us, chocolate is the best medicine!"

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