An August A-Z guide of gardening

PUBLISHED: 12:25 08 August 2017 | UPDATED: 12:25 08 August 2017

Zauschneria californica likes a sheltered spot (Photo: D Coetzee,

Zauschneria californica likes a sheltered spot (Photo: D Coetzee,


Naomi Slade’s A to Z guide of gardening in August

A. Asters and other late-flowering perennials will need staking

B. Bulbs can now be ordered

C. Collect ripe seeds from your annual favourites

D. Deadhead to keep the flowers coming

E. Earwigs on dahlias can be captured in an upturned straw-filled pot, and relocated

F. Feed containers to keep them going

G. Garden visits make for a great day out!

H. Herbs can be cut back to promote new growth

I. Ice plants are good for late-summer nectar

J. Jam is the solution to gluts of fruit

L. Lawns are happier left a little longer, raise the mowing blades

M. Mildew can become an issue if soil is dry

N. Neighbours will appreciate a thank-you gift for watering the plants!

O. Orchard fruit is starting to swell

P. Perovskia ‘Blue Spire’ will be looking good now

Q. Quaking grass, Briza media, produces pretty panacles that dry well

R. Rest: Have one, it is not all work, work, work

S. Summer pruning: put it off no longer!

T. Tender perennials can be propagated via cuttings

U. Umbellifers: not just for spring! Ammi majus and fennel flower until August

V. Violas can be propagated by seed in autumn, get some now!

W. Watering: Do it!

X. Xerophyllum tenax, or elk grass, is an interesting plant if you like a challenge

Y. Yew hedges will stay neat until spring if trimmed in late summer

Z. Zauschneria californica is a good plant to grow in a sheltered, well-drained spot


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