Have a December tidy-up

PUBLISHED: 10:04 17 November 2008 | UPDATED: 15:35 20 February 2013

If you have not done it already, roll up your sleeves to start 2009 with a clean greenhouse, bright tools and your secateurs in good shape for a new season's pruning.


• The greenhouse can be a haven

for overwintering pests and

diseases so cover up any plants

and clean crevices and surfaces

with a dilute disinfectant.

• Low light levels can be a

problem in winter so clean the

glass well to remove algae and

remnants of summer shading.

• Tidy up plant debris, stems and fallen leaves and flowers

to reduce fungal diseases and pests. Dig up weeds.


• Clean and oil spades, trowels and forks.

• Sharpen secateurs. There are various tools available for this

job, including a specialist sharpener from Felco.


• Empty out old compost.

• Give the pots a good scrub

with a suitable detergent.

• Sterilize with disinfectant.

• Allow to dry before use.

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