A practical & elegant solution to future-proofing your home

PUBLISHED: 16:32 07 March 2017 | UPDATED: 16:32 07 March 2017




Prepare for the next chapter of your life in your own home confidently, with a Lifton Home lift. You may look up and down a bit more, but you won’t look back!

None of us knows exactly what awaits us in the future. For whatever reason, circumstances may leave us feeling as if the stairs in our home are a mountain to climb.

But what to do? It could mean moving house to a bungalow or flat - leaving your family home and all its memories - and dealing with the monumental cost and lifestyle upheaval involved. Or we might fit a rather inelegant stairlift that clearly advertise your difficulties to visitors on arrival, and impede others’ use of the stairs. Or space permitting, move the bedroom and bathroom downstairs, making your home’s first floor redundant. A company based in Wokingham, Berkshire might just have the answer though.


It is an answer that is at once discreet, space saving, practical and now exceptionally elegant in design terms - and that is fitting a home lift. As Michael Caine might say “Not a lot of people know that”, but innovative engineering technology coupled with beautiful styling that compliments both traditional and contemporary homes, means the new Lifton Home Lift is worth considering as a future-proofing home investment in its own right.

Slim and compact with a floor plan of less than one square metre, the new Lifton Home Lift, has a clear, curved car and a soft warm grey finish, offering a stylish and intelligently-designed solution. It carries one or two people , heavy luggage or domestic items such a bulky laundry with all the load-bearing borne, uniquely, by two slim stilt-like pillars that go from ground floor to first floor ceiling, without any need for further structural support.

The Lifton Home Lift comes with a wide range of safety features and optional extras so you can travel - standing or seated - from floor to floor effortlessly.

Continue life as normal in your family home, with full access upstairs and downstairs (but without the stairs bit). Your family and friends will not only want to continue to visit, but are likely to also want a ride; (there’s a discreet locking key if you have adventurous grandkids).


For a brochure, more information or to request a free home survey, call free on 0808 278 5395 or visit www.lifton.co.uk

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