The growing popularity of dash cameras

PUBLISHED: 15:37 08 May 2017 | UPDATED: 15:37 08 May 2017

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Dash cameras are becoming increasingly popular as drivers bid to make their journeys – and those of others – safer, Sue Bromley reports

It’s thought that ‘crash for cash’ scams are costing British drivers around £340 million per year. So it’s no surprise that more and more vehicles are coming kitted out with dash cams – or that there’s a growing market for their installation, whether that’s recording what else is happening on the road or proving that you were driving safely.

It won’t be until you’re in a situation where a dash camera would have helped that you realise how important and reassuring they are. Some may see it as an indulgent purchase rather than a necessary one, but it could make all the difference in an insurance claim, a parking incident, or driving accident.

Many, like the Kitvision Observer HD Dash Camera link to the ignition so you don’t have to worry about remembering to press record; there’s automatic start and stop recording. It has built-in G Sensor locks and saves video files when it detects any collision and the date and time to back up your claim.

This may not be as exciting as an action camera, but it could save time, money, and stress. The Kitvision Observer HD Dash Camera (RRP £99.99) is just £49.99 on Amazon UK.

The easily installed Philips ADR 810 dash cam offers sharp details with its 1080p full HD camera during the day and an optimised night view for when it’s dark or the weather is poor. It has an instant replay function so you can quickly clarify responsibility, with date and time stamped proof. To get started all you need to add is a Class 10 MicroSD card, which is offered separately, or as a bundle. The Philips ADR 810 Dash Cam is £139.99 from Drive Safe and Legal.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has partnered with Kenwood to offer the DRV-410, which records a driver’s eye view of the road ahead. A wide angle lens captures the entire road ahead and ensures all angles are covered. It also offers drivers a clear and audible initial warning to help avert front end collisions, lane departure and departure delay, potentially lowering the risk of accidents. The DRV-410 is priced from £175 (fitted excluding VAT).

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