Abandoned foal survives

PUBLISHED: 12:23 22 November 2012 | UPDATED: 22:25 20 February 2013

Abandoned foal survives

Abandoned foal survives

Teddy is being given a second chance thanks to The Horse Trust

Little Teddy is being given a second chance thanks to The Horse Trust.

The charity based in Speen, Buckinghamshire, is caring for the eight week old colt. The foal was found starving and alone on an Iver roadside with no sign of his mother. He was rescued by Thames Valley Police officers, assisted by a local county councillor, and brought to The Trust to receive the specialist care and treatment he needs.

Orphaned foals face many problems, as they struggle to survive without their mother, but Teddy was also emaciated and suffering from an extraordinarily high worm count.Despite receiving round the clock care at The Horse Trust his health deteriorated and Teddy had to be rush to the Intensive Care Unit at The Royal Veterinary College (RVC).

Thanks to the expert care of vets and veterinary nurses at the RVC, Teddy has now improved enough to return to The Horse Trust and is doing well. He has started spending a few minutes a day grazing in his new paddock with a new pal, a Shetland pony named George.

Animal welfare charities across the UK are reporting an alarming increase in the number of horses, ponies and donkeys found neglected or abandoned. Sadly, colt foals like Teddy are at particular risk of being abandoned as they have little value in the current economic climate.

Jeanette Allen, Chief Executive of The Horse Trust, said We dont know what happened to Teddy, but the overbreeding of low-value horses means that a greater number of colts are being abandoned and left to die. Teddy may have no commercial value, but he is priceless to us and all of the many supporters who have been wishing him well.

Buckinghamshire County Councillor and Cabinet Spokeswoman for Countryside Ruth Vigor-Hedderly, who assisted with Teddys rescue, said: Sadly this is not an isolated case and there are many more horses and ponies who need help.

Sgt Lucy Price of Thames Valley Police said Teddys case is truly shocking. We are grateful for the support of other agencies, including The Horse Trust, in helping rescue Teddy and others like him.

Teddy was found ar Langley Park Road in Iver on 17 October 2012. If you have any information about Teddy, please call Thames Valley police on 101.

Teddy was abandoned through no fault of his own and The Horse Trust are keen to do all they can to give Teddy a fighting chance. He already has his own Facebook fan club on The Horse Trusts Facebook page with hundreds of people following his progress and wishing him well. It will cost 20,000 to pay for Teddys veterinary bills and to care for him for the next three years. Teddys supporters have already donated over 2,000, but the charity urgently needs the publics help to raise a further 18,000 to help give Teddy a brighter future.

To help Teddy you can donate to The Horse Trust at www.horsetrust.org.uk, see


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