Berkshire and Buckinghamshire’s most well known – compilation of quotes from 2013

PUBLISHED: 16:14 06 December 2013 | UPDATED: 16:21 06 December 2013

Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Life - December 2013 cover

Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Life - December 2013 cover


Over this year, some of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire’s best known personalities have revealed stories of their life and work. Here we compile the best of 2013

Brendan Cole – January 2013

“I have to admit, the garden has been a bit neglected”

Strictly Come Dancing star and secret ‘shed man’ Brendan Cole on juggling a new show and the imminent arrival of his first child.

Kate Bostock – February 2013

“I was flabbergasted when Neil appeared back home talking about this amazing house he’d seen. He’d never done anything like this in all the time I’d known him”

Fashion Guru Kate Bostock on how her husband’s golfing trip turned into buying a new home.

Nick Halliday – March 2013

“The story arrives initially but, partly because I’m dyslexic, I see it in terms of pictures not words”

Nick Halliday, author of poignant children’s book The Lonely Tree, explains how he works.

Dr Richie Nanda – April 2013

“I was shot at by the Bombay Mafia and even found myself in a situation where just half a dozen of us had to face down a horde armed with swords”

Multi-millionaire businessman Dr Richie Nanda, on life before coming to his beloved UK.

Sir Stuart Hampson – May 2013

“I went from Cabinet secrets one week to selling pyjamas in Oxford Street the next!”

High Sheriff Sir Stuart Hampson, on the twists and turns of his career.

Pippa Middleton – June 2013

“I wanted to help out, because this is a local charity close to my family’s home”

Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, on becoming an ambassador for the Mary Hare School for the deaf at Snelsmore Common.

Anne Diamond – July 2013

“I met impressive former patients who were convinced they’d been terrorised, probed, and tortured by aliens during their time in intensive care”

Anne Diamond, writing on a syndrome where those who recover from serious illness sometimes have unsettling and extraordinary dreams and hallucinations.

Greg Rutherford – August 2013

“I really fancied my chances of being a footballer”

London 2012 long jump gold medallist Greg Rutherford reveals his early sporting dream and love of Manchester United.

Carole Matthews – September 2013

“Running out of ideas is not a concern: in fact I could do with a clone!”

Sunday Times best-selling author Carole Matthews on the drawer at her Milton Keynes home filled with 40 ideas for book plots.

Beverley Glock – October 2013

“My mother hated cooking with a vengeance. She makes brilliant home-made chips, but doesn’t get the idea of cooking for life”

Domestic goddess Beverley Glock, on her route to cookery fame.

Richard Benyon – November 2013

“I never wanted to become an MP. Quite the opposite, I had political aversion therapy because I saw how exhausted my father was”

Richard Benyon, MP for Newbury, on his route to parliament.

Nick Knowles – December 2013

“We do have a lot in common and it’s a good thing she loves antiques – because she’s married one”

Nick Knowles, speaking about his much younger wife Jessica.

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