Proposed illegal culling of pigeons in High Wycombe

PUBLISHED: 17:05 18 June 2010 | UPDATED: 17:21 20 February 2013

A letter in response to the proposed culling of pigeons in an area of High Wycombe by the Wycombe District Council.

We have been asked to respond to the proposed culling of pigeons in an area of High Wycombe by the Wycombe District Council.

As there is no evidence of any other humane method having been attempted, this proposed action would certainly be illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. There is obviously no threat to human health so, apart from these birds causing negligible damage to property, they are not a nuisance at fact they no doubt provide enjoyment for those people/children that watch and feed them.

The whole ethos of removing everything on this planet that certain people do not like is destined for disaster. What next.....the ducks on the pond? or how about the fish in the rivers? It is about time, in the 21st Century, that those who are in positions of power... act and appear to be the educated individuals that everyone assumed them to be when they were elected.

Interferring with nature is not only stupid and ignorant....IT IS ILLEGAL. Murdering (for that is what the real word for 'culling' is) these birds will not achieve anything other than to show how uninformed the councillors of WDC are. I am sure any money saved by the abandonment of this project could be successfully used in other, legal and necessary, projects in the area.

This particular proposal was ill advised to begin with....I do hope those councillors who voted in favour of it....think again. It may indeed cost WDC far more in legal costs, in tryingto defend their actions in court, than they have allocated for ?

I will keep in contact with thoseagencies monitoring the situation in the hope that commonsence and compassion prevail and this plan is abandoned.

Yours sincerely,

Christine Davies

C.A.R.A. (Coordination of Animal Rescue Agencies)

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