Fill those compost bins!

PUBLISHED: 11:50 18 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:30 20 February 2013

Fill those compost bins!

Fill those compost bins!

Here's Laura Silverstone, Waste Reduction Officer, delivering the composting message

Heres Laura Silverstone, Waste Reduction Officer, delivering the composting message and a leaflet to Neil Newman, resident of Ronald Road, Beaconsfield.

Residents in the Maxwell Road and Candlemas area of the town have been challenged to reduce the amount of food and garden waste they throw away by composting more at home.

The bin challenge initiative, which is run by Buckinghamshire County Council and South Bucks District Council on behalf of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire, aims to raise awareness about the amount of food and garden waste that can be composted, helping to divert waste from going to landfill.

Over the next few weeks theWaste Partnershipwill be in the area, speaking to residents on their doorsteps and at local events.A fun family Compost ActivityDay was held at Chesterton Green, packed with activities to get the whole family thinking about composting at home.

Bill Lidgate, Joint Waste Partnership Chairman, said: Composting at home is not only beneficial for the environment but also for our gardens! A huge range of things can be composted,like egg shells and egg boxes, fruit and vegetable peelings, cardboardand even coffee grounds.

Research has found that almost half of food waste that isthrown away could have been composted. We hope that through this initiative people will see how easy it is to compost at home and just how much can actually be put into the compost bin.Please be aware you cannot put cooked food into yourcompost bin.

Previously,residents in this area were encouraged to reduce their food waste through a series of Love Food Hate Waste training sessions and food diary competition. The outcomes of the campaign will be released in the Autumn.

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