‘Interview’ with Eton shop cat

PUBLISHED: 12:00 25 January 2016

Window shopping? Take your pick, but I’m not for sale (Photo by Maureen McLean)

Window shopping? Take your pick, but I’m not for sale (Photo by Maureen McLean)

Maureen McLean

Meet Simba, proprietor of Lily Chic Interiors in Eton High Street. Maureen McLean had to be on her best behaviour for this one, but eventually he granted us a few minutes of his precious time

So Simba, tell us about yourself…

Don’t mistake me for one of those fluffy, cuddly felines simply because I’m very good looking. I’m a proper shop cat, polite with customers, but naturally I expect some respect in return.

Fair enough, we can see you are a majestic specimen. But is it not true that you chewed through the Christmas tree lights wire at Lily Chic?

Who told you about that? I may have done… but have you seen the snow and dangling jewellery decorations my assistant, Emma Bartlett, put on that tree? Irresistible!

How long have you and Emma been together?

Over five years now, and I suppose I should record some gratitude for that fact that I was a rescue cat. She took me in as a kitten after a customer told her about my rather sad start in life, but that’s all in the past now. Please move on…

So what exactly do you do in the shop?

Everything that suits me, right from manning the till. Don’t describe it as posing, but it’s not unusual for me to provide grooming demonstrations in the shop window display for passers-by.

Do you have any special visitors?

I’m known for keeping my cool when those dogs from nearby Wags Pet Boutique pop in. They understand ‘pecking order’, you see. The truth is I actually prefer them to children, not that I’d want the hounds to know that.

What’s your favourite dining experience?

I have the staff here well trained. For instance, Emma’s father understands that when he brings her a cheese toastie for lunch he is required to include a miniature one for me. Tuna in it is always welcome. I also like Dreamies treats – it’s probably the equivalent of how some humans melt over the likes of the best Belgian chocolate.

Anything else we should know?

Sorry, I have to go, a customer has come in and I need to check that Emma is dealing correctly with them. Standards must be maintained, you understand.

About Lily Chic Interiors

The store is a great place to find all kinds of interior treasures you won’t have spotted elsewhere. Paint, furniture, mirrors, art, decoration and gifts all have their place as Emma Bartlett keeps a clever eye out for new ideas. You’ll find a mix of contemporary, vintage, shabby chic and stylish products.

Lily Chic opens seven days a week 10am-5pm, 11am on Mondays) and is in High Street, Eton. Tel 01753 865265, see www.facebook.com/LilyChicInteriors.


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