‘Interview’ with Ted Darville at Darvilles of Windsor

PUBLISHED: 11:37 04 April 2016 | UPDATED: 11:43 04 April 2016

Ted Darville, top dog at Darvilles of Windsor (Photo by Maureen McLean)

Ted Darville, top dog at Darvilles of Windsor (Photo by Maureen McLean)

Maureen McLean

The splendid Ted Darville of Darvilles of Windsor offered Maureen McLean a cup of the finest tea when she visited his premises

How long have you been at the office?

Since I was a puppy, which is about three years. I share the office with Karen Darville, a director, and come to work nearly every day. It’s tough at the top, but I do have a very comfy office bed under my desk.

What’s the best thing about being an office dog?

I get to meet lots of new people and get lots of cuddles and treats. It’s great to have a job where you make people smile. It is also near the park for computer breaks.

What do you think of the humans in your family?

All of my human family are very nice to me and spoil me a lot! Coming to work means I am not left on my own very often.

What about the visitors to the office, both humans and other dogs?

I like most visitors unless they have hats on! I like to show them my tricks and sometimes I bark at the cleaners because they have big, noisy black bags and a vacuum cleaner.

If you were in charge of the office, what would you do?

I would have my own doggie fridge full of treats. Ideally, I’d ‘go green’ and make everyone work in the park.

Favourite local place that’s not the office

I like Alexandra Gardens where I can run and catch my ball, but also the nearby river where I like to bark at the swans from a good distance.

We all have our ‘work quirks’. What’s yours?

Sometimes I hide pens in my bed or under the desk.

About Darvilles

Family business Darvilles of Windsor is the town’s oldest established company and has specialised in the grocery trade and tea blending since 1860. They are a Royal Warrant holder, first awarded in 1946.


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