Meeting the trio of pub dogs at The Palmer Arms in Dorney

PUBLISHED: 11:27 23 January 2017 | UPDATED: 11:32 23 January 2017

The Fishers with Alice, Freddie and Megan

The Fishers with Alice, Freddie and Megan

Maureen McLean

If you love country pubs and dogs then this will be a treat! Maureen McLean has been to The Palmer Arms in Dorney

Chrys and Hanna Fisher own the Palmer Arms in Dorney. Chrys used to be the Manager at Browns in Covent Garden but eight years ago they decided to sell their house and buy the Palmer Arms. They wanted to open a country pub that would be child and dog friendly with a restaurant serving fresh, homemade food. And so their wish came true.

The Palmer Arms is a very popular pub all year round. It can seat up to 95 people during the winter but in the warmer months there’s a huge pub garden out the back. You’ll even come across the Polish hens there. Their eggs are sometimes used for the pub’s Scotch eggs. One the favourite dishes for diners is the pork belly with crackling and seasonal veggies. The local ale battered fish is also a real hit from the Palmer Pub Favourites. Then there are the Sunday roasts that go down a storm and the specials board.

It’s always busy in the Fisher household. As well as children Tom (19), Ellie (13), Grace (10) and Lola (eight), there are two cats, and of course the hounds - Freddie the French Bulldog, Alice the Golden Doodle and newbie Megan, aged 16 months, a Show Cocker Spaniel and brood bitch for the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.

Freddie, how did your family get together?

I was one of seven pups and was bought by Mum and Dad from a breeder. My Mum used to own and run the dog and cat shop, Wags, in Eton so I’m already a local celebrity.

Alice was adopted at the age of six months. There was another dog where she used to live and he didn’t like her so she had to find a new home… imagine that! How could anyone not get along with such a bundle of gorgeousness?

Megan has only been with the Fishers for a month. She loves her new home and gets on very well with the family. Megan has had puppy socialisation and goes to doggie training classes each week at the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire. She’ll be having puppies in due course and they will become Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.

So what about the humans in the pub?

Alice likes to put her paw on people’s laps to make them stroke her. I particularly love the doggie ice cream that we sell in the pub during the summer and if I look longingly at some of the guests, you never know, they might even feed me!

What’s the best thing about being a pub dog?

Alice loves people and wants to be patted constantly. We all love the walkers, ramblers and cyclists that come into the pub as they make lots of fuss of us!

If you ran the pub what would you do differently?

I would sell more sausages and for every human meal, there would be a dog meal on the floor for me as I like to be a vacuum cleaner whenever possible!

Alice likes to be invited to sit on a chair and join the diners for dinner. I’m a big dog so I would have special chairs reserved just for me. I get jealous of little dogs sitting on chairs and yet I’m too big for them! In my head I’m only a small dog.

What’s your favourite place that’s not the Palmer Arms?

We love being taken for walks by the Jubilee River and at Dorney Lake. If we are good we get taken in the car to the dog friendly café at Savill Garden.

To visit Chrys, Hanna and the hounds, you’ll find them at the Palmer Arms, Village Road, Dorney, Bucks, SL4 6QW. Look out for their special events such as their beer festival and Family Day – to find out more about the pub and restaurant visit

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