Meeting two Eton shop dogs

PUBLISHED: 16:30 20 March 2017 | UPDATED: 16:30 20 March 2017

Mabel and Ralph dressed in their finest for our photo session

Mabel and Ralph dressed in their finest for our photo session

Maureen McLean

Our Shop Dogs couldn’t have a better place to ‘work’: they get to test out all the products on offer, Maureen McClean discovers

This month meet Mabel and Ralph. You’ll find them at Wolf and Leo in Eton High Street owned by Aimee Fleet. Mabel is a French Bulldog aged two, and Ralph is a Jack Russell Pug, a ‘Jug’, aged three.

What’s the best thing about being a shop dog?

Rowdy Ralph as he is known, loves charging about the shop: “We have a big box of toys and balls. If I look lovingly into the eyes of the customers they always succumb to my charms and throw a ball for me to fetch!”

“Mabel is a bit of a poser and likes to sit in the shop window. She knows how to get lots of attention.

“We get to trial all the dog food in the shop, model the clothes for photographs and to trial the dog beds.”

If you ran the shop what would you do differently?

Mabel tells us: “I’m quite territorial and I would get rid of all the cat stuff in the shop. I would fill it wall to wall with beds so that I can stretch out in them all one by one every day.”

Ralph would like to have everything on lower shelves: “I find it very tempting seeing all these treats and toys everywhere – I’m a lucky boy to hang out in the shop most days, but I just wish I could sink my teeth into treats all day long.”

What’s your favourite place that’s not Wolf and Leo?

“We love going to the shops with Mummy. If we go to Barbour in Windsor we get given dental sticks to chew on. The girls in Nat West bank in Windsor love us and we are well known in Zara and Top Shop. We particularly love the Swarovski shop in Windsor as it has so many sparkly things.”

How did you meet your family?

“It a bit of a romantic story really. Mabel is from Newcastle just like her Mummy, and Ralph is from Yorkshire, just like Mummy’s boyfriend Richard.”

About the shop

Wolf and Leo sell a range of dog and cat food, collars, leads, beds and pet clothes mainly made in the UK. Their dog and cat food lines are made from natural products and are gluten, grain and sugar free. If you are looking for inspiration for a present for an animal lover, they have some great gifts.

Owner Aimee tells us she is obsessed with dogs and stuff for dogs. She also owns two more French Bulldogs, Bertie Worcester and Batfink. Oh… and then there’s Lily the rescue cat!

The shop has a wall of fame with pictures of dogs wearing their newly purchased collars and clothes.

Aimee used to transport diamonds when she worked for a well known jeweller in London. She then moved to Eton and started dog walking and the rest is, as they say, history.

Visit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Wolf and Leo also do communal dog walks with special doggie cake treats.

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