Coldest December day for 20 years

PUBLISHED: 17:03 13 December 2012 | UPDATED: 22:29 20 February 2013

Coldest December day for 20 years

Coldest December day for 20 years

News from the University of Reading's weather station

Observations made by Mike Stroud at the University of Readings weather station revealed that the maximum temperature on Wednesday, 12 December, was only -1.6C (minus one point six degrees Celsius) the lowest maximum temperature recorded in December at the University of Reading since 1991.

  • since the beginning of 1920 an ice day (defined as a day when the temperature remained below 0C) has occurred in 19 Decembers, including 2012.

  • The coldest December days were in 1938 when the weather station was at a slightly warmer location off the London Road, closer to the town centre - and 1962. Since 1968 the weather station has been on the Whiteknights campus site.

  • Interestingly, the December of 1927 gave us a White Christmas, while in 1938 there was snow lying on Christmas Day. 1981 also saw snow lying on Christmas Day.

  • See for more details of Christmas weather in Reading.

  • The cold snap at the start of December 1962 was a prelude to one of the coldest winters on record in Reading and elsewhere in the UK see .

  • Daytime temperatures remained below freezing across much of central England and Wales yesterday, from the Pennines to the Thames Valley and from parts of east Anglia to mid-Wales with maximum temperatures of about -1 to -2C in many locations in this area.

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