Here’s what other Berkshires around the world look like

PUBLISHED: 12:48 26 June 2017 | UPDATED: 09:52 23 February 2018

A Summer sunset overlooking North Adams, Masachusetts in the Berkshires (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A Summer sunset overlooking North Adams, Masachusetts in the Berkshires (Getty Images/iStockphoto)


We all know and love our Berkshire, but there are a few more around the world. Join us on a wander around them…



Berkshire, UK


We won’t go into much detail here as it’s the Berkshire we all know like the back of our hand! Take a wander around the beautiful town of Windsor in Street View above…

The Berkshires, Massachusetts


Located on the western edge of Massachusetts and Connecticut is a highland area known as The Berkshires. The mountain range runs through both Berkshire County and Hampshire County in Massachusetts. Take a look around the town of Stockbridge above!

Berkshire, New York


With a population of 1,412 as of 2010, this quiet town in New York is actually named after the Berkshire County we mentioned above! The first settlers arrived in 1791 and the town itself was established in 1808. We’ve dropped you on the road heading into Berkshire on the map above.

Berkshire Township, Ohio


Heading slightly south west now and into Ohio is another Berkshire. This township is one of eighteen in Delaware County with just over 3,000 residents in 2010. We’ve dropped you in on the area above, but there’s not much to see! 

Berkshire, Vermont


Right on the Canada border, and the last entry in this list is Berkshire, Vermont. Spanning just 42.2 square miles, this is another tiny town which also contains East Berkshire Village. Flowing through the southeast corner of the town is the Missisquoi River. Google haven’t actually taken their Street View van into the centre of Berkshire, Vermont yet, so we’ve dropped you just outside the town.

Which Berkshire would you most like to visit?




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