Photographer Maureen McLean on why we should stay cheerful during snowy weather

PUBLISHED: 13:59 24 January 2014 | UPDATED: 13:59 24 January 2014

Snow always brings out crowds to The Long Walk, Windsor

Snow always brings out crowds to The Long Walk, Windsor

Copyright Maureen McLean

Beautiful Berkshire gleams when the snow falls, so let’s stay cheerful, or at least grit our teeth and the roads, says Maureen McLean

If you’re not planning an escape to one of the world’s warmer spots (or a skiing holiday to a destination where they seem to make the most of their climate) then the chances are that us Berkshire folk will be trudging through the snow at some time this month.

After all, January 2013 saw snow deposits which left 100 plus schools closed, some roads impassable and particularly heavy falls in the west of the county. Now, we don’t want to add to the chills, but as a photographer I’m always going to race outside on snowy days to capture how it can add a particularly majestic cloak to our already beautiful villages, historic towns and countryside.

What’s more, we invite you to stick your fingers in your ears when it comes to the ‘weather doom-mongers’ who say this winter could equal that of 1946-47. Many forecasters insist that long range predictions are still to be confirmed and that, whatever happens, it will not be like early 1947.

And in Berkshire it wasn’t just the long winter of snow on the ground then, with its power cuts, impassable roads, food and fuel shortages and ruined crops that caused the biggest problem.

That came in March when heavy rain and the thawing snow could not seep into the frozen ground. The result was severe flooding as water poured down the hills, with rivers bursting their banks. Windsor, in particular, was badly affected, and today visitors can see marker plaques recording the 1947 flood height on structures such as the Barry Avenue Railway Arch.

When the snow comes let’s go out for some brisk walks, marvel at the sights – and don’t forget to feed the birds and wildlife in your gardens. In the meantime, wrap up, raise a glass and finish off those tasty Christmas goodies.

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