Ronnie Wood's fine art unveiled at Castle Galleries, Milton Keynes - 22 OCT

PUBLISHED: 18:28 14 October 2011 | UPDATED: 21:38 20 February 2013

Ronnie Wood's fine art unveiled at Castle Galleries, Milton Keynes - 22 OCT

Ronnie Wood's fine art unveiled at Castle Galleries, Milton Keynes - 22 OCT

The fire still burns with Ronnie Wood, as the legendary guitarist with The Rolling Stones and accomplished artist for over 50 years, unveils his debut collection of fine art...

The Stones on Stage

Rock with Ronnie Woods outstanding collection of published fine art in Milton Keynes

The fire still burns with Ronnie Wood, as the legendary guitarist with The Rolling Stones and accomplished artist for over 50 years, unveils his debut collection of fine art for Washington Green, to be unveiled across the Castle Galleries group of art galleries including Castle Galleries Milton Keynes in Acorn Walk, in thecentre:mk from Saturday 22 October.

For rock and art fans alike, the five limited edition works of art are a celebration of Woods two creative worlds. The Famous Flames Suite focuses on the four instantly recognisable members of The Rolling Stones - Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie - whilst The Stones on Stage Got Me Rockin brilliantly captures the raw energy of the band fronted by swaggering Mick Jagger.

The limited edition collection, published by Washington Green Fine Art Publishing, will feature at Castle Galleries Milton Keynes from 22 October, whilst the legendary Stone will make a very rare personal appearance to accompany the unveiling of the limited edition prints and a selection of unique originals at Castle Fine Art in Birminghams ICC on Thursday 3 November.

Painting at full throttle, and with technical prowess, Wood gives the art lover an exhilarating and thrilling front row view of the Stones on stage, as his vibrant paintings convey the electricity of a live performance. The intensity that Ronnie Wood brings to his guitar playing on stage is brilliantly echoed on canvas and paper as he translates the rawness of a Rolling Stones performance through rhythmic lines, bold colours and awesomely accurate facial expressions.

Glyn Washington, managing director of Washington Green Fine Art, said:

Every so often each century, time draws out and seals a place in the history books for the creative geniuses in our midst and Ronnie Wood is one such outstanding artistic talent. He picked up a paintbrush way before he picked up a guitar and began his life long journey with art almost as soon as he could hold a pencil. This innate artistic pulse that ran through Woods veins and was first refined and honed at art college; evolved and grew into a five decade love affair with canvas, which has seen Wood constantly seeking, evolving and pushing back the boundaries in his art. This collection of art is testament to the enduring journey of a truly accomplished artist and it is our great honour at Washington Green Fine Art to bring his breathtaking body of work to its rightful place - centre stage.

The images in The Famous Flames Suite display a flamboyant synergy, as the orange wave-like flame sweeps dramatically across the painting, creating an exhilarating feeling of movement. Referencing photographs of each band member on stage, Wood first creates a dramatic black backdrop and paints his fellow Stones with breathtaking clarity and realism. Effortlessly working in acrylics, then oils and robustly embellishing the art with oil pastels. Meanwhile, the electric and vibrant backdrop in The Stones on Stage Got Me Rockin is matched by the animated performance of the band, captured by Wood, as Jagger struts energetically across the foreground of the canvas.

A passionate and dedicated artist, who grew up in an artistic family and first started painting at the tender age of 12, Wood went on to train to be an artist at Ealing College of Art, before following his incredible musical path with the Jeff Beck Group, The Faces and The Rolling Stones from 1975. Like other contemporary music legends of his generation including Bob Dylan and John Lennon - music and art are inextricably linked in Woods life and the desire and need to create through both art forms is both natural and relentless. Ronnie Wood says: When I get inspired I get almost possessed and I just have to paint.

Wood generously nods to the inspirations from art history that have influenced his work - including Schiele, Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, William Orpen and Pablo Picasso, though he understands that his art, as opposed to the band, is essentially a solo performance. "Unlike music, it's a solo effort, there's no one else to blame. Then again, no one else gets the satisfaction out of it! Wood says.

Clearly his solo art performance has already won him a legion of fans, with Bill Clinton one of several well known collectors of his original works of art. Wood has also received critical acclaim with his solo exhibitions around the world from North and South America, to the Far East and throughout Europe.

The artist and musician paints in his studio in Londons East End, but he is a prolific artist and both his homes in London and Ireland are filled with work in progress. Wood is tirelessly dedicated to painting and is always on the hunt for more experimental ways of expressing himself artistically. He is also a consummate printmaker in his own right having developed the skills and techniques of etching, dry-point, screen-print and woodcut.

Woods personal triumphs and tribulations have been well documented but it would appear that art has remained his one constant and steadying influence and has indeed bought the guitarist and artist enormous satisfaction over three and a half decades.

There is no kind of therapy like the one you have from starting and seeing a picture through to the end," says Wood.

Ronnie Woods limited edition print collection, published by Washington Green Fine Art, will feature at Castle Galleries Milton Keynes, Acorn Walk, in the centre:mk from Saturday 22 October.

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