Berkshire blackbird rescued from suet ball holder

PUBLISHED: 14:35 10 January 2017 | UPDATED: 14:35 10 January 2017


An injured blackbird was rescued from a suet ball holder by the RSPCA after she became stuck while trying to feed.

The female bird had hopped inside the holder through a hole at the top as it was hanging from a home in Welford, near Newbury in Berkshire.

The charity is urging people to keep an eye on wildlife feeders in their garden to make sure animals and birds do not get stuck or injured.

Deputy Chief Inspector Sharon Chrisp said: “The gentleman at the house tried to free the bird but did not have any luck so called us straight away and we are grateful that he did. Thankfully she is OK, she was really shocked at the situation and me handling her but is recovering so should be OK, fingers crossed. I wiggled her backwards to the hole and got her out. She managed to get away with superficial injuries to her wing and thankfully there were no broken bones.”

For more information on feeding garden birds, visit the website:

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