Macdonald Windsor Hotel takes delivery of two brand new bee hives

PUBLISHED: 11:00 30 September 2014 | UPDATED: 11:00 30 September 2014

Beverley Molmans - General Manager of Macdonald Windsor Hotel

Beverley Molmans - General Manager of Macdonald Windsor Hotel


Latest Macdonald Windsor ‘guests’ will be happiest on the rooftop

Macdonald Windsor Hotel has taken delivery of two brand new bee hives from Lanarkshire based bio-diversity champions Plan Bee. Now installed on the hotel’s roof, the hives are just part of the hotel’s plans to become more environmentally friendly, while helping decreasing bee populations in the UK.

Beverley Molmans, the hotel’s General Manager was on hand, bee suit and all, to welcome the bees, which include not one but two, brand new Queens. She says: “We are trying to implement the Room 15 approach here at Macdonald Windsor and want to be more sustainable and wish to protect the bees in an urban environment.”

The hotel’s Room 15 programme aims to have a more sustainable and ethical approach to the hospitality industry by 2015 and the new bee hives are just one of the many methods being implemented.

The hives will be accompanied by bee keeping lessons and ongoing support, allowing the hotel’s staff to become involved with the everyday life of the bees, creating a tangible point of ethical interest on site. The hotel also hopes that the roof top haven will provide an area for staff to unwind from their day’s work, while helping the bees along with their own daily tasks.

Macdonald Windsor Hotel is just one of the organisations helped by the award winning Scottish company who offer a hassle free bee hive management service to help their clients become more sustainable and green, while educating them on the importance of honey bees and other pollinators to the environment.

The new Queen Bees, who share the same postcode as HRH Queen Elizabeth II, will also work hard to produce honey which the hotel will then gift to its VIP guests, showcasing their commitment to their local environment in an unusual yet delicious way.

Discussing the process Beverley laughed that the hardest part was “getting into my bee suit today” and that the hotel was extremely excited about its new ‘BIP’ guests and can’t wait to see the new hives thrive.

The AA four red star boutique townhouse hotel has 120 bedrooms including ten luxurious suites with views of Windsor Castle. For more details call Macdonald Windsor Hotel on 0844 879 9101 or visit


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