8 top fashion tips for Royal Ascot

PUBLISHED: 09:32 05 May 2015 | UPDATED: 09:32 05 May 2015

Susie Freeman wearing an Emma Moscow hat

Susie Freeman wearing an Emma Moscow hat


Royal Ascot takes place from June 16 to 20, and with unpredictable weather and the need to balance it can be hard for first-timers to know what to wear.

One of Emma Moscow's hatsOne of Emma Moscow's hats

As hats must be worn at Ascot, Boxford-based milliner Emma Moscow believes that your headwear is the key to success and adds that there are some key points to remember.

She said: “If you get your outfit right, then you can concentrate on having a great time at this prestigious event. Royal Ascot is an opportunity to wear a statement hat and pretty much anything goes as long as it’s within the rules, especially on Ladies’ Day. However I think it’s worth remembering that it is a formal occasion and that style and elegance should not be thrown out of the window in favour of standing out.

“Remember that there are strict rules over outfits, particularly for the Royal Enclosure and the grandstand. The rules state that formal daywear of modest length must be worn; midriffs must be covered and trousers must be full length. Many people don’t realise that spaghetti straps and strapless dresses are not permitted either, even under a jacket.”


Emma MoscowEmma Moscow

Emma says that you should:

1. Choose your outfit first as it is easier to match a hat to an outfit than the other way round.

2. It’s a daytime event and people often wear jackets or coats. A more substantial hat or headpiece looks more balanced with a tailored outfit.

3. It is often windy at Ascot so make sure your hat fits well and is securely fixed to your head. Avoid any hats that are too tall and will catch the breeze! Hair grips can be useful for securing a head piece – it might be worth stowing some spares in your handbag!

4. Choose a hat that fits well and flatters you. You will feel more confident if your hat is unique, comfortable and made-to-measure. Don’t be afraid to try everything on, as they can often look very different on the wearer than on the stand.

5. Pay attention to how you wear your hat. There is a tendency for people to push their hats too far back. Generally they look better tilted forward and if you are wearing a hat or headdress designed to be worn on the side, they look very chic angled over the eyebrow.

6. If your hat is not exactly the same colour as your outfit, then it’s probably best to choose a complementary or accent colour. I think it can work really well to use a contrasting colour somewhere in your accessories, even if it is just a splash.

7. Unless you are going to be in a private box, you will probably be on your feet for a lot of the day and if you like to go to the parade ring before a race then there is a surprising amount of walking to do, so wear shoes that are fairly comfortable. If you have bought new shoes then try and wear them in a little at home. I’ll never forget the first time I went, I didn’t wear a very high heel but my shoes were new and by the end of the day my feet were agony!

8. It is also worth remembering that you will be on grass some of the time so stilettos are not ideal, a thicker heel or a wedge works much better, especially if it is wet.


For more information visit www.emmamoscowmillinery.co.uk, email emma@emmamoscowmillinery.co.uk or call 01488 608334.



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