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PUBLISHED: 10:21 04 March 2011 | UPDATED: 16:06 20 February 2013

Tessa Harris with Mary Flavelle of SHEplc

Tessa Harris with Mary Flavelle of SHEplc

Tessa Harris gave members of SHEplc meeting at Taplow House Hotel some top tips on marketing their businesses


1. What is your product/service?

2. Who is your market?

3. What is your image?

4. What publications best suit that image/market?

5. Study all publications that you think might be suitable carefully

6. How could your business/product etc be mentioned in editorial?

a) Is there a news angle/ profile angle/advice angle

b) How prepared are you?

7. Get your PR pack together

a) High resolution images (min 300dpi)

b) General press release, talking about your company in a chatty informative way

8. Make contact via e-mail. Find out who you should be sending the information to. Send a press release and a low-res image. (If the publication is interested they will contact you again.)

9. You may wish to follow up with a phone call. But do not pester!

10. Ask if there are any supplements that are planned or articles in the future that may be relevant and offer your help or advice. (Journalists like to know they can call on an expert.)

11.Establish a good relationship, but do not force yourself on anyone.

12.You may consider offering a competition prize if this is

relevant, or sponsoring an event.

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