25 famous people who went to the University of Reading

PUBLISHED: 14:26 25 October 2019 | UPDATED: 14:26 25 October 2019

Jamie Cullum by Kmeron/Vincent Philbert (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/) via flic.kr/p/adwtbn

Jamie Cullum by Kmeron/Vincent Philbert (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/) via flic.kr/p/adwtbn

Kmeron / Vincent Philbert

Are you off to the University of Reading soon? Or did you study there back in the day? We've rounded up a few former students who went on to find fame in the future. Some slightly more left field than others…

The sporty ones

A whole host of Olympic medal winning rowers all studied at the University of Reading including: the legendary James Cracknell graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Human Geography, 2012 gold medallist Anna Watkins studied mathematics, Alex Gregory (2012 & 2016 Coxless fours gold medal) graduated in 2006, 2004 silver medallist Cath Bishop (Ph.D. in contemporary German literature) and Debbie Flood.

1991 British Touring Car Champion Will Hoy and Molly Hide, who captained the English women's cricket team for a whopping seventeen years both studied at the University of Reading.

The musical ones

Jazz/swing singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum attended the University of Reading graduating with First Class Honours in English Literature and Film Studies. On the other end of the music genre scale, rock and roll's Arthur Brown went to the UoR. Also worthy of a shout out are fiddle player and humourist Simon Mayor, Roxy Music founder Andy MacKay and composer Julian Wagstaff.

The ones who tell you it's going to rain

ITV Breakfast's Laura Tobin attended UoR, unsurprisingly studying Physics and Meteorology. Jay Wynne is another former graduate; he studied Applied Meteorology.

Kaddy Lee-Preston and Tomasz Schafernaker both studied at Reading.

The ones who make the big decisions

When we were researching this section, we expected to find a few current and former MPs that went to university here in Berkshire, such as: Penny Mordaunt, Mike Penning, Hugh Robertson and Rob Wilson (former MP for Reading East).

However, a few more past UoR students who became politicians also caught the eye. None other than Anton Apriantono (Indonesia's former Minister of Agriculture) attended the Berkshire university, as did Edison James (former Prime Minister of Dominica) and Shukuru Kawambwa (the Tanzanian Minister of Education and Vocational Training)!

The ones who don't quite fit in the sections above, but still deserve a shout out

The 2012 Olympics gave people in Britain an excuse to be proud of their nation and there was one huge part of that linked to Berkshire; the man who designed the medals, David Watkins, graduated from the University of Reading.

Finally, the name Vincent Connare might not mean much to you, but the Reading Type Design graduate and former Microsoft employee is behind a number of the fonts you use on a daily basis at home and at work.



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