Charlotte Hawkins on presenting André Rieu’s summer concert (and where you can watch it in Berkshire)

PUBLISHED: 15:12 16 July 2019 | UPDATED: 15:12 16 July 2019

Charlotte Hawkins (Photo by Marcel van Hoorn)

Charlotte Hawkins (Photo by Marcel van Hoorn)

Foto: Marcel van Hoorn

Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins is presenting André Rieu’s summer concert, coming to a cinema near you in Berkshire

Tell me about your family

My husband and I have a daughter, Ellie Rose, four.

Did you always want to work in journalism?

I started off in radio and got a job as a trainee journalist for Meridian. Then I was a reporter for seven years at Sky News at the cutting edge of breaking news. Then I started on Good Morning Britain, where there's never a dull moment working with Piers Morgan. I love all the people I work with. I get up at 3am and get on with it. You can't worry about how much sleep you have. Luckily, we have a great hair and make-up department.

Where does your love of classical music come from?

My dad loved classical music and played it at full blast all the time. It was the soundtrack to my childhood. I now have my own show on Classic FM and I've been involved with [classical artist] André Rieu's concerts every year. The concerts are shown in cinemas so that people who can't travel to see them have the next best thing.

Tell us about André Rieu's concert in Maastricht in the Netherlands that you're presenting this summer

This year the concert is called Shall We Dance? and celebrates the Waltz. André and his Johann Strauss Orchestra will perform live from the town square. People get so involved and there's such a great atmosphere. Even for those watching in cinemas, there's still dancing and singing in the aisles.

Will you be hosting a stage-side interview with André?

Yes. André has great attention to detail and is passionate about getting it right for audiences. It's fascinating watching him perform.

Do you think the concert will get the younger generation into classical music?

I think André is making music more accessible. He takes a piece of music and breathes life into it. When you see all the different types of people getting involved, it's inspiring. It's so important we pass down our love of all types of music.

What are your ambitions?

I have an amazing job and have been given access to phenomenal things; sometimes I have to pinch myself. My goal is to keep doing it and to stay happy and healthy. I want to encourage my daughter to do everything she wants to do. She listens to all types of music − we dance around the kitchen to pop music and she brushes her teeth while listening to the Flower Duet by Balus.

The concert will be shown in cinemas worldwide 27-28 July 2019, including the Corn Exchange and Vue in Newbury, Vue Reading and Showcase Reading Cinema De Lux. Visit;


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