Will Young on his comeback, tour and a love for Berkshire

PUBLISHED: 10:21 23 July 2019

The popstar is back with a bang © Steve Schofield

The popstar is back with a bang © Steve Schofield


Popstar sensation Will Young is making a comeback. Here, he talks about his new album, going on tour, his well-being and his love for his home county

Award-winning singer and national treasure Will Young is one of those fortunate performers who never seems to fully leave the spotlight. Having released six best-selling albums since he first exploded onto the pop scene in 2002, the Berkshire born-and-bred star is back with a bang and has found a new beginning of sorts with Lexicon, his seventh studio album.

On releasing his album on 14 June, this newfound sense of liberation has reinvigorated the star's love for pop music and for being a pop star. "I always say that there's no point in doing something if it's not joyous. That's my motto: do it the way you want to do it," he explains.

Lexicon has reunited Will with the team behind Echoes, his 2011 album, including producers and songwriters Richard X, Egg White, Jim Eliot and Mima Stilwell. "I created this album in a very methodical way, which is why I believe it is so great.

I have realised over the years the importance of looking after your mind and, to be honest, my music is better because of it!" he says.

For the first time, he has no management, having come to the conclusion that authority is not something he thrives on. "And there has been zero stress," he explains happily. "It has just been really fun.

"With everything in life, you feel you have to do things, but you don't have to. Your career does not live and die on whether you do an Instagram post; instead I just share photos of my dogs and puppies!"

It is hard to believe Will turned 40 this year. He is glowing and evidently his positive approach to life is working wonders. "It is a lot of make-up, but I will take that compliment," says Will.

His latest video, All the Songs, a stripper-inspired video directed by Rankin, has ultimately become the perfect comeback. "I am so pleased with the response to the first single," he says. "It was so much fun to write and the video is great! Its aim was to show what women are expected to do, so I was interested to see what it would feel like to do it, and the response I would get as a man!"

He continues: "All I can do is create something I truly believe in and I do feel people will really enjoy the album. It feels utterly amazing to be in a position to say I love what I have created and that it is my best body of work. We are all really pleased!"

It was also recently confirmed he will be hitting the road with a huge 21-date UK tour, kicking off on 1 October at Torquay's Princess Theatre and culminating at Blackpool's Opera House, which includes a night at London's historic Eventim Apollo.

"I am looking forward to it; I love performing and I am always proud of the shows because they are interesting and a bit messy," he says. "I do like to chat away to the audience too. It is about having fun!"

While the upcoming album Lexicon may be long overdue for fans, the musician has been far from idle between releases, using his time to actively campaign for the LGBTQ community, carrying out charity work, promoting an all-inclusive children's book and working on his highly-acclaimed podcast, Homo Sapiens, with co-creator Chris Sweeney.

"It is interesting because it is a second job/hobby and it was something very important for Chris and I. We work hard on this podcast because we love the content and it has led to brilliant things. Our listeners are amazing, funny and touching, and it is really important to have that space there for people because we didn't have access to anything like this growing up," he says.

Will also loves nothing more than visiting his family home in Berkshire and comes back as much as he can. "I visit my family a lot and funnily enough I was there today," he says. "They have a few dogs, including the latest addition rescue puppy Vita, who I just absolutely adore. When I bring my dogs up, it is like we have a pack! It is slightly worrying, but I think they are so lovely and sweet!"

Will was born in Wokingham, and has a twin brother, Rupert, and an older sister, Emma. He was brought up in Hungerford, which he is still very fond of.

"I like to go into Hungerford to have a potter about and look around the arcades as I love antiques and bric-a-brac. I also love nothing more than to have a pint with my dad," he says.

"I am fortunate I managed to grow up in the middle of the countryside. I have so many beautiful memories, such as I would cycle into town, get sweets and cycle back. It was rather idyllic and that will always stay with me. This is a reason why I come home a lot because if you grow up in the countryside it never really leaves you. I am also fond of nature and the outdoors, and when you walk around here, you see such beautiful wildlife. This county is really wonderful and it is just part of me."



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