8 tips to survive lockdown with your partner

PUBLISHED: 00:00 06 May 2020

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Is your partner testing your patience now you’re cooped up together, day in, day out? Lawyers have forecast an increase in divorce rates later this year due to self-isolation. We sought advice from break-up and divorce coach Sarah Woodward in Maidenhead

We’ve all seen the jokes and video clips doing the rounds, where the man and woman can’t stand each other after days of being cooped up in the house together. And most of us have probably laughed, finding it funny. But what if you’re starting to feel that way yourself?

Lawyers have forecast an increase in divorce rates later this year due to the lockdown and self-isolation we are currently experiencing with coronavirus. This trend has already been seen in China as they emerge from the worst of the epidemic.

However, your relationship can survive during this difficult period, and Sarah Woodward, one of the first accredited Break-up and Divorce Coach Practitioners in the UK, who has her own practice in Maidenhead, brings you these eight useful top tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship.

1. Carry on communicating

Now more than ever this is crucial. Discuss your expectations and boundaries together and, more importantly, how you are feeling about the whole situation and what you’re struggling with. Now is the time to be kind and support each other.

2. If an argument starts, Remove yourself from the situation

Take some deep breaths and then return to your partner when you are able to discuss things calmly.

3. Establish a routine

Be clear with each other what your routine will be so that you can manage expectations and ensure that you’re not disturbing each other when you’re trying to work.

4. Ensure a work/life balance

Make sure that you have an agreed time when you’ll switch off from work and spend some quality time together.

5. Have designated work areas

This ensures you can both concentrate on your own work without any distractions and frustrations.

6. Share the childcare

Having to homeschool the kids can potentially increase the stress levels. Agree a schedule between you so that you both have some uninterrupted time to work.

7. Share the chores

Agreeing up front who will do what can save resentment building and prevent arguments. Otherwise agree a time when you will both do the chores together.

8. Maintain your social contact

It’s important that you don’t lose contact with your friends and family during this time. Have a virtual coffee or cocktail with them, organise a virtual quiz or bingo night.

“These are really challenging times for all of us. When we are unexpectedly thrown together in a close environment, 24/7, existing issues with our relationships can be exacerbated and brought to a head,” says Sarah. “Add in the financial

and health worries and this might be the final straw for some couples who realise their relationship really is over.

“I was totally blindsided by my own divorce,” adds Sarah.

“I lost my best friend and soulmate and the person I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. It took me a long time to get over it. But it is totally possible to go on to have a happy and fulfilled life albeit different to the one you had originally planned.”

Whatever your situation, help is always at hand, and if you need someone to talk to to gain clarity on what you want your future to look like and the steps you need to take to achieve it, contact Sarah through her website at


Sarah on the Royal county

“I have lived in Maidenhead for 30 years now. I love the county. The things I like most about it are the Royal heritage with Windsor and Royal Ascot. I love that we have the castle where the Queen spends a great deal of her time and we have the opportunity to host events, such as Royal weddings. We are also lucky enough to be able to walk along the Thames and visit beautiful villages, such as Cookham.”

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