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PUBLISHED: 12:44 14 August 2008 | UPDATED: 15:21 20 February 2013

Nicki Whiteman

Nicki Whiteman

Each month broadcaster and journalist Nicki Whiteman will be taking a wry look at Berkshire and Chilterns personalities in the news...

One of the best parts of my job is trawling through all the newspapers - broadsheet and tabloid alike - and getting paid for it! Of course I'm always on the look-out for those who live in Berkshire and the Chilterns and over the coming months I'll do my best to sift through the gossip and bring you my take on what the rich and famous are getting up to on our doorstep.

Take for example the organisers of the Cartier Polo at Windsor who decided former glamour model Katie Price, aka Jordan, was not the "right sort" of celebrity, so refused her request for a table at Smith's Lawn. Katie is not only a keen horse woman, and a polo player - how many who were in the Cartier marquee could claim that - but she's also one of the country's wealthiest women. As long as she made her money legitimately, surely just how she made it is irrelevant? Burlesque star Dita Von Teese was feted by the organisers on the other hand, despite the fact that she has appeared in a number of dubious magazines. Please let's not return to an age of snobbery. I really thought we'd moved beyond that.

Not surprisingly Dawn French and Lenny Henry weren't at the Cartier Polo. The much loved comedy couple are giving up on the hustle and bustle of life in Shinfield this month, in favour of a quieter one in Cornwall. Let's hope it's not too quiet. Their presence will be missed by all, including the paparazzi who will now have much further to travel. Perhaps that is why they are doing it?

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