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PUBLISHED: 10:37 18 September 2008 | UPDATED: 15:26 20 February 2013

Nicki Whiteman.

Nicki Whiteman.

Each month broadcaster and journalist Nicki Whiteman will be taking a wry look at Berkshire and Chilterns personalities in the news...

An utter shambles, or really rather endearing; Berkshire and the Chilterns are divided over former Henley MP Boris Johnson's appearance at the Olympics. His gaping blazer, and frankly odd deportment left many hiding behind their sofas during the closing ceremony. But for others, including myself, it simply confirmed his status as one of the most loveable men in politics.

I was delighted to hear Dawn French, (below) who's just moved from Shinfield to Cornwall, is about to become huge Kazakhstan-side. The rights to The Vicar of Dibley have been snapped up by the former Soviet Republic. The series, filmed just north of Henley in the village or Turville, will be dubbed into Russian. Let's just hope the jokes still work.

Last month I was lucky enough to work with 70's superstar Liz Mitchell. The lead singer of Boney M gave a rare performance to her home crowd at the National Trust's Basildon Park, near Pangbourne. What a voice, and what an inspiration, seemingly unaffected by decades of success and worldwide fame. Perhaps we can find room for her talents in 2012.

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