The photography experience that is empowering girls in Berkshire

PUBLISHED: 12:02 06 March 2019

Jo photographed a girl who was great at gymnastics

Jo photographed a girl who was great at gymnastics

Jo Temple Photography

Fitting for International Women’s Day this March, and a fab gift for Mother’s Day, a new and exclusive photography experience has been launched, which sets out to empower girls aged four to 18 years old in Berkshire

Frank & Bloom was founded by award- winning artistic children’s photographer Jo Temple. Dedicated to girls being themselves, it is a service designed for parents who want to embrace their daughter’s personality and talents, and capture them in timeless, natural photographs. And the images are stunning.

“I’ve loved photography since I was 10 when my dad gave me a camera. I caught the bug instantly and enjoyed experimenting with film,” Jo says. “I ended up being an events manager, but I never stopped taking pictures. And when I had my son, Lucas, now nine, I decided to take up photography professionally. Friends were always complimenting me on my photos and asking me to take pictures of their children.”

Jo hasn’t looked back since. She has now been running a family photography business for five years. “I noticed when I took family portraits that daughters are often more uncomfortable posing than other members of the family; they were also going for the poses often seen in magazines. When I took pictures of them being themselves, it was these pictures the family chose to buy and treasure.

“I spent a few years coaching women with confidence issues, and I have always been interested in the psychology of women and girls; how our brains tick,” she says. “I dislike how women are often portrayed in the media. I think we have room to grow in this area. We need to help our girls have a positive body image and to look and be themselves. And it was this passion that led me to set up Frank & Bloom.

“I capture girls just as they are. No airs, graces or pretence. I want to celebrate them for what makes them unique and, through my photography, help to boost their self- esteem.”

Is that why the business is called Frank & Bloom? “Yes, I want to encourage girls to be frank or honest about who they are because I believe they are at their most captivating at that moment,” says Jo. “I’m all for celebrating diversity and freedom and want girls I photograph to ‘bloom’; to feel empowered to show their individuality, their quirks and to let their character shine through.”

Girls are photographed in a relaxed outdoor environment where they can be themselves. “I want families to have images of their daughters on their walls that depict their true character and for the girls to feel proud to be different and empowered when they look at them,” says Jo. “I’ve shot in woodland by Virginia Water, in poppy fields, at the seaside and in busy towns. Wherever suits the girl’s personality.

“Whatever their character, the girls will recognise that their identity isn’t about surface beauty, it’s so much more. Their parents will feel the images align with their parenting and mirror their intent to raise strong, self -assured girls.”

Jo’s sessions are casual and relaxed. During the shoot, she combines gently posed shots along with capturing spontaneous, unguarded moments as they unfold. “There’s no forced smiles or awkward poses here,” says Jo.

So how does she get the girls to loosen up and relax? “I can’t help being myself,” she says. “I don’t have any airs or graces. If a girl is into karate or dance, I’ll have a go with them! We also have a good natter and a laugh while we do the shoot, and this leads to natural smiles. Recognising the individuality of girls holds a very special place in my heart. I love capturing spontaneous moments and being able to hand over images that recognise a girl for who she is. I aim to create timeless images that my clients will be proud to display in their home, giving the girls a visual reminder every day of who they are and why they are loved.”


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