These little piggies... at Bucklebury Park Farm

PUBLISHED: 12:41 18 August 2011 | UPDATED: 19:52 20 February 2013

These little piggies... at Bucklebury Park Farm

These little piggies... at Bucklebury Park Farm

Visitors to Bucklebury Farm Park are crowding around the farm's latest new arrival Bessie, a rare-breed Berkshire pig, and her nine gorgeous piglets.

Its the first litter of Berkshire piglets produced by Bessie since she arrived at the park about two months ago from a rare breed farm in Devon.

Bucklebury Farm Park owner Rupert Hartley Russell is keen to support the breed in its native county. He told us: "This has been a real cause for celebration. Berkshire pigs are on the at risk register of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, with just around 300 breeding females in the country. Not only do we feel we are doing our bit, but Bessie is loving the attention of our visitors. Shes a great character who enjoys having her back scratched!"

The piglets, pictured here with Jess Wise, are getting more energetic and are great fun to watch. Black with white noses and feet, Berkshire pigs are a medium sized breed known for their hardiness, but also their docile friendly nature.

Visitors can see the new family in their stable at Bucklebury Farm Park, which opens daily from 10am-6pm. Find out more at

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