10 top style tips for men and women at Royal Ascot

PUBLISHED: 12:20 18 June 2018 | UPDATED: 12:24 18 June 2018

Stephen Jones's show-stopper for The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective features dramatic ostrich and tulle spines, £2,550

Stephen Jones's show-stopper for The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective features dramatic ostrich and tulle spines, £2,550


Follow these style rules to enjoy your time at racing’s ultimate day out and make sure you have the perfect hat for those glamorous photos and to turn heads in the stands

1. Is That Your Hat?

If you are luck enough to have an invitation to the Royal Enclosure then note that from this year ladies should have ‘proper’ hats – tiny fascinators will not be acceptable, other than on girls aged 10 to 17. So you need a headpiece with a solid base of 10cm (four inches) or more. Out in the Village and other enclosures the size of hat is up to you, but should be worn at all times.

2. No Thighs, Please

In all enclosures ladies wearing dresses and skirts must ensure their outfits are knee-length. You will get away with just above the knee, but we are really talking a tiny bit here. Of course, knee-length or longer is the safe option.

3. Not a Day For Casual

Though the rules are a little more relaxed in the Windsor Enclosure, even here a smart dress code is expected, including ladies’ hats. Simply dress for a formal occasion. Military personnel can wear Service Dress and overseas visitors may choose to attend in formal National Dress.

4. Absolutely Not!

We shouldn’t need to point it out, but no replica shirts, the likes of branded clothing or fancy dress is allowed anywhere on site during Royal Ascot.

5. Shoulder On

Bare shoulders are not allowed, and that applies whether it’s a dress, top or jumpsuit, even if covered with a jacket or pashmina. So no ‘spaghetti’ straps, halter necks or similar designs. Dresses should have straps of one inch or greater.

6, Trouser Suits

Smart suits in matching materials and colour are permitted for ladies in the Royal Enclosure and since last year one-piece jump suits have been acceptable. However, all such wear must be full-length, so no cut-off styles or (surely not!) bare midriffs.

7. Royal Enclosure Chaps

We think men have it easy when it comes to what to wear in the Royal Enclosure – only formal grey or black morning suit is acceptable, worn with black shoes.

8. Suits You

Men can add some colour in the other enclosures, but as the request is to dress for a formal occasion, a suit or smart jacket and trousers makes sense.

9. Ties and Top Hats

Gents, please wear a tie and keep it on in the Royal and Village Enclosures – and no cravats or bow ties are acceptable as an alternative. In the Royal Enclosure a black or grey top hat is a must, with no coloured ribbon or band.

10. Pull Your Socks Up

A new one here, to face up to some fashion trends: Ascot points out that all men must wear socks or you will not be allowed in.

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