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10 unique treatments available in Berkshire

PUBLISHED: 11:23 30 May 2019 | UPDATED: 11:23 30 May 2019




Who doesn't want to look and feel good? Well, forget traditional treatments, Sarah Rodi uncovered some stand-out new remedies to try in Berkshire, to get you holiday-ready

CoolSculpting at Berkshire Aesthetics, Maidenhead

Dr Selena Langdon, Founder & Medical Director of Berkshire Aesthetics in Maidenhead, lives in the town with her husband and three French Bulldogs. She trained initially in Plastic Surgery in London. "Life in surgery is tough, and after many years it took its toll," she says. "I also trained in General Practice, but it wasn't the right career choice for me. Choosing family over career, aesthetics was a natural choice and allows me to combine my surgical experience with an emerging field of medicine."

Berkshire Aesthetics is a medical clinic offering aesthetic treatments. "Everything we offer I have personally researched," says Selena. "As a doctor, I am only comfortable offering treatments I know work and have real scientific evidence to back them up. In essence, I treat the physical signs of ageing, which means I help people feel better about their appearance.

"I don't offer treatments to change someone's look, it is more about balancing the emotional and physical in order to help people feel better about how they look on the outside. The men and women I treat are looking to maintain their appearance for longer. I cannot reverse time but I can helpyou to look and feel your best."

CoolSculpting is Selena's number one treatment. "It delivers exceptional results to those looking to remove stubborn areas of fat without the need for surgery," she says. "I am one of only a few doctors in the UK to personally deliver the treatment."

Other treatments offered include Ultherapy for tightening of the face and neck, which uses microfocused ultrasound; Silhoutte Soft thread lifts, which help restore structure; Exilis Ultra for skin tightening of the body and medical grade skincare from Obagi, which can deal with a range of skin conditions. Selena also offers anti-wrinkle injections, PRP and dermal fillers.

Berkshire Aesthetics is about to relocate to a converted public house in Pinkney's Green, with six state-of-the-art treatment rooms, two reception areas, a training room and onsite parking. "We hope to be up and running in June this year," says Selena.

"We love the green open spaces and lovely pubs and walks along the Thames in Berkshire. My business is my baby, but once we move to our new super-site, I am hoping to have a child."


Vino-Therapy at The Vineyard, Stockcross

The Five AA Red Stars hotel The Vineyard in Stockcross offers an array of unique treatments in its Five Bubbles spa. One of the top wine hotels and home to over 30,000 bottles, many of the treatments on offer use their Red Grape and Champagne products, which are packed with antioxidants.

Try their Red Grape Pampering Body Wrap, Red Grape Body Polish or Red Grape Blissful Back Treatment. Alternatively, if you're more of a Champers girl, try their Shimmering Gold Facial or Shimmering Gold Indulgent Face and Body Experience that uses products containing Champagne, pearl and caviar extracts.


Gong Baths at Yoga For Harmony, Windsor

Chloe Watts is a yoga expert and personal trainer, who has lived in Windsor for most of her life. "I'm a Yoga teacher and the brand ambassador for Sweaty Betty, which is a lot of fun!" she says. "Part of my job involves running retreats in the UK and abroad, so life is very exciting. I have a dog who is the love of my life, called Nacho, and I walk him every day in Windsor Great Park."

Gong Baths are a meditation experience during which Chloe plays the Gongs and other instruments to lull you into a deeply relaxed state. "I used to attend someone else's Gong sessions until she gave up, at which point I decided I loved it so much I wanted to be able to share the experience with other people," Chloe says. "So I booked to do the training! The sounds created are hypnotic and time becomes distorted during a session. Your mind can relax and deep healing can occur. It is to be experienced in order to be understood as it is a different experience for each individual."

Chloe holds monthly sessions at Yoga For Harmony in Windsor amongst other venues and also hosts private sessions.


Carbon Skin Rejuvenation at The Laser Clinic, Cookham

Wendy Lynch lives in Bourne End and has a lovely 20-minute walk along the River Thames to her business in Cookham. "I'm very lucky to have such a great commute! I live with my husband, my step-son (I have four grown-up step-children) and our rescue dog," she says. "For me, happiness is walking our dog in one of the many country parks that Berkshire has to offer, followed by a stop in a lovely pub. We're spoilt for choice in Berkshire with great places to eat."

Wendy set up The Laser Clinic four years ago. "Having had treatments before in London, I was aware of the benefits of laser and decided to do some training so that I could offer it myself locally," she says. The main treatments that she offers are Laser Tattoo Removal and Laser Hair Removal, but she also does age spot removal, thread vein treatment, laser skin rejuvenation and carbon skin rejuvenation.

"I knew that there would be a large demand for laser tattoo removal but the response has still taken me by surprise," she says. "It appears that the trend for tattoos is definitely on the reverse, particularly in the 30-plus years age bracket. I love helping people to remove their unwanted tattoos − for some people tattoos can be a barrier to work, so it's really rewarding to get rid of them. I've also removed many names from various parts of people's bodies! Pretty much any tattoo can be removed and the technology has improved so much that the skin can return completely back to normal afterwards."

Laser hair removal is another very popular treatment. "It's so convenient, not having to shave or wax any more," she says. "It has also become a lot more accessible in terms of price and is relatively pain-free."

Carbon Skin Rejuvenation is her most unique treatment, as she says not many clinics in the country offer it. She says: "This facial helps to reduce pores and fine lines and gives you a lovely glow. It's pain-free and there is no downtime.

"I'm thinking about expanding the business," Wendy adds. "But it would give me less time for dog walking and pubs!"


Floatation Therapy at Floating Point, Pangbourne

Tina and Michael Cordova moved from London to Reading in 2011, before setting up the Floating Point Float Centre in Pangbourne.

"Prior to opening the centre, both Tina and I worked in education, supporting young people in a pupil referral unit in East London," says Michael. "The job was very stressful and had an impact on our health, both physically and mentally. We found out about floating through a podcast and soon became members in London. Five years later, we opened the centre in Pangbourne to help people regain some balance in their life.

"Berkshire has so much to offer. We love being surrounded by the countryside, the wonderful places to eat and it is a great hub for the arts," says Michael.

Floatation therapy at Floating Point is the practice of lying back effortlessly in one of the world-leading i-sopod float tanks and drifting into a blissful, deep, meditative state that rejuvenates and revives your mind and body. Also known as float therapy, the floatation experience is delivered through a super-saturated Epsom-salt solution, 25cm deep and containing 525kg of magnesium-rich Epsom salts. The solution is heated to skin temperature (35.5°C) and the environment in the tank is controlled so that the air is also skin temperature. "Once you are settled, it is impossible to tell which parts of your body are in the water and which are not. This creates an environment similar to that of the Dead Sea, but without the sensation of temperature or movement, which lets you float effortlessly on the surface of the water, enjoying a feeling of total freedom and weightlessness! Perfect for both physical and mental relief," says Michael.


Sienna X Spray Tan at Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty, Arborfield

We all want a year-round holiday glow, but without putting our health at risk. Nina Warden is owner of Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty and lives in Arborfield with her husband, Mark. She has been running her own business for the last six years.

Nina's main treatments are bespoke spray tanning, hair and nails. "Sienna X have won Best Tanning Supplier and I'm proud to be working with them as a Master Therapist," Nina says. "Adding this skill to my treatment menu allows me to contour using tan, creating a bespoke, flawless tan for each client. Sienna X solutions contain anti-ageing properties such as Q10 for soft and radiant skin.

"I've been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people and have had some amazing opportunities, such as tanning live on stage at one of the biggest beauty shows at Olympia. My passion is helping women to glow with confidence by creating them flawless and bespoke spray tans. I think every woman deserves to feel the most beautiful version of themselves."

Nina is predominately home-based from her tanning studio, but goes out to people's homes too. "I enjoy helping women claim back a little bit of 'me-time'," she says. "Self-care is something us women don't get enough of and often feel guilty about. I'm on a mission to change that; self-care isn't selfish, it's necessary!

"My goal for the future is to become a Tanning Ambassador and to show women that they can glow with confidence in a natural way."


Japanese Cosmo Facelift at Facial Reflexions, Maidenhead

Meli Paramio Lopez lives in Maidenhead, although she is originally from Spain. "When my girls started school, I began a journey of study and self-discovery," she says. "I qualified in holistic massage, aromatherapy, aromatherapy pregnancy massage, Japanese facial and Reiki, amongst others. It was then when I realised how powerful facial massage is."

Meli works from her treatment room in Maidenhead, and the moment you step through the door, you feel yourself relax. Meli is finding her Japanese Cosmo Facelift is becoming very popular. "This therapy lifts and rejuvenates your face, and is good for your health," says Meli. "Facial reflexology techniques are used to work on your organs, body systems and your meridians. It improves the texture and condition of the skin and in some cases improves health issues. This treatment is the way to go to keep young and radiant. No needles, toxins or injections are used, only my hands and aromatherapy blends. A difference is often visible after the first treatment but a course of treatments is advised."


The Esmella Feminine Rejuvenation Treatment at Andresa, near Woolhampton

Next, I popped into the Andresa clinic near Woolhampton to meet founder Theresa Fleetwood. She lives in Hampstead Norreys with her son, Alex, her partner, Andrew, and their cat, Misty Blu.

Theresa seems to glow with health and loveliness: "I workout every morning before heading off to work. And I have lots of hobbies: interior design and gardening."

And when I look around her clinic, set in a beautiful listed barn, discreetly located on the Wasing Estate with private parking, I can tell she has an eye for design. The place is stunning: all white and pristine, glittering crystals and teal blues. It feels more like a spa than an aesthetics clinic.

"During my teens, I suffered with acne, and due to genetics, I also have dark under-eye circles and pale skin. My self-confidence was pretty low," Theresa says. "I began to read about skincare and experimented with what I could find on the high street. I learnt to look after my skin and apply make-up to enhance my looks. By my mid-twenties, friends started to ask me for advice on skin and make-up. I saw it as a calling to learn more about skin and beauty."

After finishing a course in Beauty Therapy and Business Studies, Theresa set up a salon in Lancashire. After seven years, she came to Berkshire to see a friend and fell in love with the county, so she sold her salon and moved here.

"I decided that if I was going to embark on a new business here, it had to be special," she says. "At that time, I'd noticed a divide starting to happen. Beauty salons were offering advanced skin services; medical clinics were interested in extreme treatments. No one was covering the middle ground of individual skincare advice and how to use formulas to get the best out of them, and where someone's skincare journey was heading..."

And so Andresa was born. It specialises in non-medical, non-injection skin health, offering advice to clients to help them understand what their skin needs to improve skin health and function from the inside out.

"We look at the client as a whole, including gut health, nutrition and lifestyle, and refer to the specialists when necessary," says Theresa.

"Self-confidence is everything. If helping someone with skin concerns makes a difference to their lives, we have achieved what we set out to do."

Theresa says anti-ageing is the most popular treatment request, such as their pain-free award-winning non-surgical 'lunchtime' laser facelift, with no downtime.

Recently, she has been looking into feminine well-being and rejuvenation, saying: "As I enter my menopause years, I see the issues women face when it comes to ageing − not just skin changes."

Urinary incontinence affects over 40% of women in the UK. Whether it's stress incontinence or urge incontinence, it can impact quality of life. Until now, the only treatments available to help with the pelvic floor have been invasive physio, surgery and exercise. But Theresa has discovered a new amazing device. "We are the fifth clinic in the UK to offer this and the only clinic outside of London and south of Lincoln to offer it," she says. "The technology has been used for years by physiotherapists to rehabilitate muscle injuries in sports players. It has now been developed to help rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles."

Theresa is so enthralled by the Esmella, she invited me to try it. "This treatment will be life-changing for women," she says.

I was relieved when Theresa said I could keep my clothes on and I saw 'the chair' and it didn't look like a tortutre contraption! It's rather stylish and is endorsed by gynaecologists worldwide. You should have six sessions over three weeks and the success rate is 95%.

During a 28-minute session, the muscles of the pelvic floor contract 11,000 times. It feels funny at first − like wearing a TENS machine but with the vibrations in a different place! You soon get used to it and can read the latest issue of Berkshire Life while it does its job. Afterwards, I could feel a difference! Everything felt tighter.

Theresa says: "Self-confidence and ageing is about our whole self, and I want to help women feel good about themselves for as long as possible."


Microblading, LVL Lash Enhancements and Tinted Lips at Riva in Cookham

Deborah Egan has lived in Maidenhead for most of her life. She has a daughter, Josie, and two sons, Henry and Charlie, with her husband Mark, and their latest addition, Mr Scoobs, a big chalky labradoodle.

"Since starting our business, RIVA, here in Cookham six years ago, we have been welcomed in with open arms," Deborah says.

Deborah initially trained with Karen Betts and Nilam Patel, who founded Nouveau Contour and later the HD Brow brand. She started her own business with permanent make-up back in 2007 and says it was tough. "Not many people knew a great deal about it and were a little nervous about this relatively new procedure for eyebrows, lips and eyeliner. I went on to train in advanced procedures, called Medical Tattooing," she says.

"Four years ago, I travelled to California and trained with a world-leading trainer and founder of microblading in Beverly Hills, Daria Chuprys. I brought this now very popular procedure back to the UK, where I was one of the first artists offering microblading for eyebrows," she says. "The technique is an advanced form of permanent make-up and is (at the moment) unregulated in the UK, which is why you see so many sub-standard examples around. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research before having this procedure."

Deborah went on to train with another top trainer called Selen Shenalp in the art of Nanobrows. This is a machine technique but with a fine acupuncture-sized needle.

"My latest trip to Beverly Hills has brought the new Tinted Lips, Dusty-Winged Eyeliner and Ombré brow technique to my clients. These are going to be the future in realism for cosmetic tattooing," she says.

"My salon RIVA Hair & Skin in Cookham offers all the above treatments. Our most popular treatments though are Microblading, LVL Lash Enhancements, Dermatude facials and highlights.

"The most unique treatment we offer is Tinted Lips. It's a lip tattoo but the technique is highly advanced and artistic; gentle and soft and it heals to a stunning natural lip with a defined lip shape but with no 'lip-liner' or harsh look. It adds volume to the lips in a natural way."

Downstairs you will find all aspects of hairdressing in a vibrant, super-friendly inclusive environment. "I am incredibly proud of our staff and their talents," says Deborah.


Bee Sting Facial at The Colour Palette, Crowthorne

The Colour Palette Salon, a luxury, one-stop shop situated in the heart of Crowthorne, is the brainchild of Hardia Van Rensburg. The salon has only just opened and it is stunning. "As you can see, the space is inspired by my travels across the globe, integrating my loves of fashion, art and culture," says Hardia. "I wanted the salon to be a reflection of my world views and every piece of furniture and décor was hand chosen by me, with a memory of my travels in mind."

Hardia and her family relocated to Crowthorne as it was love at first sight. "With its lush green scenery and countryside feel, it reminded me of my childhood home in South Africa, with its sprawling landscapes," she says. "After being here for some time, we noticed a gap in the market for a space that wasn't just a salon, but somewhere that the people of the community could come and relax, converse and treat themselves to a piece of luxury," Hardia says.

A graduate of the Sassoon Academy, Hardia has brought together a team of extensively trained, well-known hair stylists, technicians and beauticians to give you that high-end, luxury London experience without the lengthy travel or hefty price tag. Add to this the unique lounge areas, and you should prepare to experinece the new hub on the high street. "It's a self-esteem recharge," says Hardia.

One of the many treatments they offer is Heaven's Bee Sting Facial, a natural facelift, which transforms the skin, working on all the tell-tale signs of tiredness and ageing.

"It's loved by Royalty and celebrities, because after just one treatment the skin is left looking and feeling youthful and glowing - delivering the results of Botox but without needles," says Hardia.

Heaven's Bee Venom Mask is the key product used, which contains ingredients that work in synergy with the bee venom ingredient Abeetoxin. No bees are harmed in the process of extracting venom, though.



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