Holiday packing a Pleasure or a Pain?

PUBLISHED: 12:37 28 June 2010 | UPDATED: 17:21 20 February 2013

Holiday packing a Pleasure or a Pain?

Holiday packing a Pleasure or a Pain?

Did you know it is possible to travel for a two weeks holiday, with a suitcase small enough to take on board an aeroplane, asks Lynne Nicoll?

Did you know it is possible to travel for a two weeks holiday, with a suitcase small enough to take on board an aeroplane?

Once I learnt this art I felt liberated. I now have more control over my holiday wardrobe, the variety of outfits I wear, more time to enjoy myself, less packing time and most importantly I somehow feel free-er - almost as if I have harnessed my inner voice being critical to what I am wearing. Its a little like the feeling one gets from decluttering ones home.

The rules are simple:-

  1. Learn as much as you can about yourself first.

Get into your wardrobe and select the clothes you most love. They are probably the ones which suit your colouring, body shape and personality the most. Put them on a separate rail. Put back the clothes that are wrong for the holiday you are planning and those that dont fit any more.

  1. Follow the 16/60 principle.

What this means is that 16 items of clothing can make up at least 60 outfits using the mix and match principle. Start by selecting 2 items (e.g. a top and trousers) then add a few more matching tops. Select another pair of trousers or a skirt to change the combination but still matching the clothing colours already selected. Continue until you have 14 pieces. Now have a little fun in trying to see how many combination outfits you can make with these pieces. Add and take away until you have a working wardrobe of no more than 16 items.

  1. Now its time to add the Accessories Choose 3 pairs of footwear, a handbag and an assortment of jewellery to enhance and expand the looks of your outfits.

  1. Lastly - shop for the items you need to complete your holiday wardrobe. Maybe to replace a worn out top or buy items where there are obvious gaps.

TIP Only buy items that you love and love you never buy just because it matches something you have in your wardrobe.

(Put these words next to the two pictures given) I am a bit girly and like the feminine French look so this time before my trip to the Emirates I bought 3 French items from Pause Caf and NYDJ at Scarlett Monroe in Marlow. These formed the basis to the wardrobe of my 16 items. Get to know the shops that stock the clothes that really love you.

If you would like more information on this way of packing we will be running a Packing a holiday suitcase workshop at Scarlett Monroe. Please phone for details 01628 488661.

NB. Please note that we at The Style Alchemist is a collection point for the charity Dress for Success a charity organisation that empowers women to get back to work. If you have any clothes, which you wish to donate and that are suitable for the corporate market please contact us on 01628-477594.

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