How confidence workshops in Berkshire could boost your love life and career

PUBLISHED: 17:01 05 February 2015 | UPDATED: 17:01 05 February 2015

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Unsure of what the 2015 will bring? Confidence workshops could boost your love life or career if you’re near or over 50, Chené Koscielny discovers

If you’re close to or in your 50s, you may have a decent stash of savings, you’re probably keeping yourself in a reasonable shape, but you may also be feeling lacking in confidence – at work or in your personal relationships, perhaps after being made redundant or going through a late life divorce or losing a loved one.

A recent case of a vulnerable UK divorcee in her 50s who was duped out of hundreds of pounds on an online dating site – illustrates how a lack of confidence at a vulnerable stage could lead to someone taking unnecessary risks.

The Confidence Centre, a Berkshire-based company, is offering confidence courses across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire for people in their 50s who feel that they’ve been left on the scrap heap – when it comes to jobs and romance. Statistics show the unemployment rate for over 50s in the UK is falling very much slower than in younger age groups and one in three in the same age range are feeling lonely, many following a grey divorce, separation or bereavement.

Rodney Mallinson, founder of The Confidence Centre Ltd ( says: “Many people in their 50s feel out of their depth after difficult life changes and need a bit of a push to get back on track. They may have money, but no partner to share their life with and be faced with dating agencies, but no dating or flirting skills. Or they may be stuck in a dead end job with no hope of finding something more fulfilling. We train people to be more confident to go out there and get the life they want. It’s not too late to get the life you want.”

The courses are delivered by Bobbi Johal, accredited facilitator with The Pacific Institute, who has vast experience delivering personal development workshops for individuals and organisations. The workshops include a 12-month follow up programme to help ensure the best results. “We can’t turn back time of course, but we can teach people the skills to have a more happy and fulfilled life at any age,” says Rodney.

Sofia Martinelli, 50, of Langley in Berkshire, who attended one of the confidence boosting courses, says: “I was at a low point when I did the confidence boosting workshop. I’d been made redundant after working for a company for many years and I started to doubt my own capabilities as time went on without a job, and I was feeling really down.

“The workshop totally changed the way I looked at life – I learned that I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to, and I realised that I was better than the jobs I had been applying for. I started temping and my confidence grew, based on what I had learned during the workshop, which resulted in the role becoming permanent. It changed my life.”

Workshop dates for 2015 are from 16-18 January, 20-22 February and 27-29 March at the The Bird in Hand, Knowl Hill, Berkshire, RG10 9UP. For more information or to book your place, visit or contact Rodney Mallinson on 0796 882 0297, email:

The Confidence Centre offers 3-day training courses based on the internationally acclaimed STEPS programme endorsed by The Pacific Institute to help people in their 50s:

• Build self-esteem

• Challenge outdated beliefs of themselves

• Practical tools to cope with challenging situations

• Learn resilience, empowerment

• Learn tactics to make a good impression when it counts

Over 50s facts

• There are over 22.7 million people aged 50 years and over, over a third of the total UK population.

• It is estimated that there are 14 million grandparents, 1.5 million of whom are under 50.

• 42 per cent of older households aged 55 to 64 are single, and this proportion increases with age.

• Looking particularly at those aged 50 to 59 – that is, those in the decade leading up to when they are 60 or more – only around half (53 per cent) said they had hopes or ambitions.

• People who took part in more health-maintaining and independence-maintaining behaviours were less likely to feel isolated and more likely to feel that their community was a good one to grow old in.

• Out of 10.2 million people aged between 50 and the state pension age, 2.9 million (28%) are out of work. Of the 2.9 million, only 0.7 million see themselves as ‘retired’, yet 1.7 million think it is unlikely that they will ever work again.

• Today, over 1.87 million people aged 50+ work for themselves.

Taken from Age UK’s regularly updated Later Life in the United Kingdom factsheet, see



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