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PUBLISHED: 13:55 06 August 2012 | UPDATED: 21:42 20 February 2013

Prima Donna Deauville in Eyeshadow – new in - a dusky pink/purple shade of this classic style

Prima Donna Deauville in Eyeshadow – new in - a dusky pink/purple shade of this classic style

Here's a campaign where all the ladies of Berkshire can be winners

In these weeks of Olympic fever some are glued to the box and celebrating the glut of medals, while others see it all as a good reason to escape. Local lingerie salon Pudding has launched a campaign to appeal to everyone, whatever their Olympic spirit. Their take on Supporting GB is a little bit different they are backing Great Boobs!

Puddings campaign is a fun and light hearted way to encourage the women of Berkshire to make sure that their boobs are properly supported. Whilst the campaign is fun, the underlying message is really important.

So, why is it so important to wear the right bra? Well, according to Pudding, there are 3 good reasons:

  1. First the science bit... joking aside its important for your health. Bras which are the wrong size will have the wrong sized or shaped wire and it will be in the wrong place which can harm the breast. An ill fitting bra can also put pressure on your neck and back and is a frequent cause of visits to the doctor with neck pain, back pain and even headaches.

  2. Youll look good. A poorly fitted bra can spoil the look of that gorgeous dress; leaving lumps and bumps in the wrong places. On the other hand, a well fitted bra can make you look slimmer and will put the finishing touches to your oh-so-lovely outfit.

  3. Youll feel great. If you need another reason, chances are youll feel great. Just wearing the right bra can change how you feel about yourself; not only will you feel more comfortable but also more confident, beautiful and, according to the Pudding team, super sexy!

So how do you know if youre wearing the wrong bra? An expert in bra fitting, Helen Masters, points out the top 3 tell tale signs:

  1. Back band riding up this usually means that you are wearing a back size that is too big for you.

  2. The centre of the bra is not flat against your skin its likely that the cup size is too tight. You might also have a double boob effect.

  3. Straps digging in or falling off you might just need to adjust the straps but its more than likely that youre in the wrong size, for example the back band is too big and you are compensating for it with tighter straps that leave dents in your shoulders

So, what should you do?

Join Puddings supporting GB campaign and get fitted! Measuring yourself with a tape measure is unfortunately not accurate. Whats more, sizing varies by different designers so the best way to find out your size is to try on some bras. You can do this yourself at home using Puddings top tips but the best way is to have a professional fitting. We know that us Brits are naturally shy but an expert fitting consultant will put you at your ease and even make it fun!

Pudding (in Kings Walk, Reading) offers a professional fitting service without a tape measure they simply look at you and can tell the size you need! Owner Helen Masters said: I can vouch for the fact that 9 out of 10 women we see for the first time are in the wrong bra size. Most lingerie experts fit by sight and it is so much more accurate - we can look at you and see the size you need and the difference is amazing - we can even fit over the phone so there really is no need to wear an ill-fitting bra!

For budding Olympians everywhere, its even more important to have a correctly fitted sports bra. As Helen says: After all, you wouldnt go for a run without your trainers to offer cushioning and support, and youd always make sure you were wearing the right size trainers. You should think of your bra in the same way - have a fitting and always wear it. Its the best way to beat the dreaded droop!

Finally, your bra size will change over time through weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy and age - so have a bra fitting each year to ensure you are still supporting Great Boobs.

Pudding sells designer lingerie and swimwear in Kings Walk, King Street, Reading (0118 95 94 118) and offers a complimentary fitting service for sizes 28-44 A-I. Open seven days a week.

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