Tell him what you want...

PUBLISHED: 15:28 05 December 2012 | UPDATED: 22:27 20 February 2013

Tell him what you want...

Tell him what you want...

Expert advice on making sure you get the right gift

Whilst lingerie is a gift that women love to receive, buying lingerie will bring most mortal men out into a cold sweat. They find themselves furtively ducking into the shop, lurking about the camisole section and avoiding eye-contact with the glamorous shop assistants. Not only are they embarrassed to be there, theyre terrified of making a mistake. What they really need is some help so we spoke to Pudding in Reading, whose tailored gift service is popular at this time of year. Take note ladies...


Starting with size. Help him avoid the I think shes about your size syndrome. Let him know your size or leave your favourite bra on his side of the bed. Failing that tell your local lingerie store what size you are in the hope that he pops in!

Once hes got the size sorted, the next biggest fear is probably giving off the wrong message. Hes trying to say I love you, I think youre beautiful but what if the underwear hes chosen says I dont think your normal lingerie is adventurous enough! Hopefully he can avoid this by looking at what you wear or knowing the designers that you like but if he doesnt, create a wish list at your favourite lingerie boutique, or on-line, and then leave it lying around!


Then theres the knickers. Briefs, thongs, shorts or French knickers? Dont worry, he doesnt need to know what theyre called, he just needs to be able to recognise them when he sees them. However, if you have a preference let him know. Or maybe find out what he likes and give them a try.


Failing that, theres always vouchers!

Pudding offer luxurious lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. They provide an expert fitting service and sizes range from 28-44 A-I. Visit Pudding at Kings Walk, King Street, Reading, RG1 2HG open 7 days a week (only 2 minutes from the Oracle). Call 0118 95 94 118 or shop online at

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