The weight loss programme combining intermittent fasting with your DNA

PUBLISHED: 09:47 09 October 2017


The What IF Plan is the world’s first weight loss programme combining intermittent fasting with your DNA for a truly personalised nutrition plan

The What IF Plan has been created by Genetic Nutritionist, Kate Llewellyn-Waters (MSc), who spent over 4 years analysing the scientific research as part of her Masters in Nutrition. Kate realised intermittent fasting could offer huge benefits to anyone looking to achieve and maintain a healthy weight – no more yo-yo diets, no more restrictive meal plans and no more switching between diet plans with conflicting advice.

Weight loss over 12 monthsWeight loss over 12 months

Scientific research has shown that genetically appropriate diets (based on your DNA) result in nearly three times more weight loss than genetically inappropriate diets. Additionally, numerous scientific studies of intermittent fasting have indicated significant weight loss results combined with longer-term health benefits including the reversal of type 2 diabetes.

We look at over 30 genetic variations to provide a detailed insight into your sensitivity to carbs, saturated fats, caffeine, gluten, lactose, alcohol and more. We also look at how you deal with toxins and your methylation capabilities (DNA repair).

The What IF Plan DNA Collection KiitThe What IF Plan DNA Collection Kiit

For a truly personalised weight management programme, founded on published scientific research not the latest fad or fancy marketing, click the link below and start your What IF Plan journey today.

The What IF PlanThe What IF Plan Limited-time offer of £199 (RRP £299) using promo code INTRO17 until 31st October 2017.

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